Mainland China Ministries

Work in Mainland China

The Salvation Army is responsive to disaster relief in the Mainland. The Army is also dedicated to improving the lives of people in poverty-stricken areas through programmes of infrastructure construction, education and training, healthcare and agricultural development.

Social Services

We target to develop local partnering opportunities between social services organisations and rural communities and schools, providing services including inter-generational activities, volunteer work, community care and visits, children and adolescent growth support.

Education Programme for Children and Youth in China

The Salvation Army Education Programme for Children and Youth in China aims at meeting the educational needs of children and youth in rural Mainland China. Education aid is provided to students from poor families/families with financial difficulties to continue their studies. Support is also given at school level to enhance teaching qualities.

Scope of Programme:

  • Improve education and living conditions of primary school students in rural areas, e.g. supply of stationery items, extra-curricular reading and clothing; and improvement of students’ nutrition and dormitories;
  • Provide subsidy for high school and university students to prevent them from dropping out of school due to unaffordable education fees and expenses;
  • Subsidise education development projects to uplift the educational standard in rural China. Projects include school construction, supply of education equipment, teachers’ training, etc.

Community Development

Infrastructure construction, education and training, healthcare and agricultural development are provided to help the people in the deprived areas to improve their livelihood and facilitate sustainable development.

Disaster relief and rehabilitation

The Salvation Army provides relief and rehabilitation services to communities impacted by natural disasters. When initiating a disaster relief operation, the first priority is to meet the basic needs of those who have been affected. The Army’s primary goals are to offer

  • Material comfort
  • Physical comfort
  • Spiritual and emotional comfort

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