Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”(Isaiah 6:8)

Christian faith believes God has a purpose for everyone he creates. The Salvation Army Officers’ conviction to His ministry is a response to His call to fulfill His purpose in one’s life.

The Salvation Army is called to save souls, grow saints, and serve suffering humanity. Therefore, becoming an Officer is a sacred ministry, we leave our job and commit ourselves to God.

There are over 27,177* Salvation Army officers around the globe. Each of them has a different life, but they all share the same calling, and Witness God’s grace to the world. (*Statistic of 2020)

Become an Officer of The Salvation Army

A Salvationist who is called to become a Salvation Army Officer is a full-time devotion to the Christian ministry. He/She must be trained with a series of courses before he/she is ordained and commissioned as an officer to preach, develop believers, and serve the community.

We encourage every Salvationist who is called to participate in the Vocational Fellowship. This is a unique fellowship, let the Salvationist respond to the mission and walk together with faith. In the fellowship, we encourage, pray and prepare for their calling from God.

Before becoming an officer of the Salvation Army, the Salvationist who is called will go through different stages, and the Candidate is the first stage. A Candidate is a Salvationist who is determined to become a Salvation Army officer. When a Salvationist is accepted as a Candidate, he/she needs to complete a series of courses to prepare him/her for the next stage-the Cadet.

Cadets are required to complete a 2-year training or 1-year flexible training at the Officer Training College. They will take classes such as the Bible, Salvation Army doctrines, church and the Salvation Army history, etc, and take up works and ministries at the corps. After their training, the cadets are commissioned and ordained as officers and appointed to service in Salvation Army corps, social services units, the Command Headquarters, or overseas ministries.

Process Flowchart of Becoming a Salvation Army Officer
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