I am Yang Jin-huan, an Husa Achang born to a poor family in Longchuan County. This year I was one of the first batch of students being admitted to the Kunming

University with an excellent score of 538 at the National College Entrance Examination. This news brought the family joy and sorrow. We were joyful for I might

further my studies. However, we were worried since my mother was diagnosed with brain tumour early this year, which had already shocked the whole family and made things worse to our not well-off family. My mother could only stay home and take medications to control her illness instead of receiving treatments in the hospital. My father is an ordinary farmer who is unskilled and not good at running a business. He only earns a living to feed the entire family by farming. There is no way he could afford my university studies.

I submitted an application to the Longchuan County Foreign Aid Project Office, hoping to get even just a little subsidy. Just before school started, I got a phone call and was told that The Salvation Army had granted me a scholarship of 3000 yuan (RMB) to help me realise my university dream!

As the Chinese ancients said, ‘Repay as much as you can for even a little bit of favor you have received.’ At this point, all I can do is say ‘thank you’. I will keep in my mind what my parents, teachers and benefactors have entrusted on me. I will get rid of my worries, study hard and live a simple and frugal life. I will show my gratitude through my actions and give back to the society with sincerity.

Edited by: Xiang Chun

Assistant Project Officer

The Salvation Army (HK) Yunnan Project Office