Ā Yīng is a disabled youth supported by the Salvation Army. She has a second-degree physical disability, as well as functional impairments in her hands and feet, and language barriers. At home, she is responsible for taking care of two children. The family’s income mainly relies on government welfare assistance and her husband’s temporary work, making their lives extremely difficult.

In 2023, with the support of the Salvation Army, Ā Yīng learned baking skills and started selling pastries at a stall. In the best month, she earned approximately CNY2,000 yuan. Additionally, she was invited by other organizations to become a training instructor, conducting baking skill training and sharing her entrepreneurial experience with other local disabled youth. Ā Yīng is very happy as she feels that she has found her life’s value.

The Salvation Army (Hong Kong) Sichuan Office

Project Officer

Trista Yang