Our Social Services provide services and support to people facing crisis and in need. As a Christian organisation, we offer holistic care to the body, mind and spirit of our service recipients.

Mission of Social Services

We are dedicated to serve and support the needy and disadvantaged with a wide range of quality social services catering for the holistic development of individuals, families, and the community.  We pledge to respond to social issues and problems with solutions and advocate for social justice in society.  We walk our faith through social services in the image of Christ and the message of Gospel.


People enjoy life in all its fullness in the community as they engage in a transformative relationship with God, others and all creations.


  • Committed to social justice
  • Respect human dignity & diversity
  • Value love with compassion
  • Serve without discrimination

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Youth, Family and Community Services

The services has 36 units, including 11 for children and adolescents’ services, 8 for residential childcare services, 2 for camp services, 2 for education and development service, 3 for family support services, 5 for community services, 2 for community housing and 3 for special services. The service targets include children, youth, families and the vulnerable persons in the community.

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Senior Citizen Services

The services has 27 units, including 7 for Centre-based services, 4 for Community Support Services, 3 for Day Care Services, 8 for Residence for Senior Citizens, 1 for Carer Service, 2 Community Care Service Voucher Schemes, 1 for Palliative Care and 1 for special services. The service targets include senior citizens and their carers and families.

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Rehab Services and Social Enterprises

The services has 24 units, including 1 for Preschool Service, 2 for Day Training Service, 3 for Residential Care Service, 4 for Vocational Rehabilitation Services, 3 for Community Living with Support Service, 4 for SEN children and their families, 5 for social enterprises and 2 for special services. Service targets of Rehabilitative Services include persons with disabilities and their carers and families, and the public is the service targets of our Social Enterprises.

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