The Salvation Army College of Mission

The Salvation Army College of Mission consists of Officer Training College (OTC) and Salvation Army Leadership Training Centre (SALT). We are committed to providing biblical, theological, and ministry training courses and support services to Salvationists around the Army world in order to enhance their spiritual qualities and calling for mission and equipping them to be leaders of The Salvation Army. SALT’s services include:

  • Conducting in-person and online Bible, theological and ministry training courses.
  • Providing the following support services through the Army’s Resource Centre and e-learning system:
    • Borrowing services of Christian books;
    • Bible, theology and ministries training course materials;
    • The Salvation Army Songs resources;
    • The historical references for The Salvation Army to the Chinese community around the world.
  • Resource Centre of the Salvation Army has been set up.

We are also most welcome Salvation officers from all over the world to provide resources to share with Salvation officers in different places through this platform.

Latest News

The Salvation Army College of Mission co-organized with UWGI to conduct the bible training course of the Life of Christ. You’re welcome to join in person. Please use the QR code below for registration.  Should you have any inquiries, please get in touch with the Assistant at the College at 2783 2336. Thank you so much.

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Address: 1/F., 1 Lung Chu Street, Tai Hang Tung, Kowloon, Hong Kong (The Salvation Army College of Mission)
Tel: (852) 2783 2336

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