Macau Ministries

The Salvation Army commenced its services in Macau in 1999. At present, we have a church and community service centre, a family integrated service centre and an education centre, serving the community in the northern district, and operate the Recycling Programme.

Iao Hon Corps

Since its establishment in 1999, the Salvation Army Iao Hon Corps has provided services to meet people’s physical, social and spiritual needs in the community. The services include worship, spiritual care and nurture, youth activities and visitation. Being connected to the community, the Corps brings transformation of lives by sharing God’s love and the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Joy Family Integrated Service Centre

The Northern District of Macau is a major focus of our community service & development provision. Under the subvention from the Social Welfare Bureau of MSAR Government, an integrated service centre was established in this area in 2013 for family, aiming to introduce the importance of having a healthy life, greener living and developing care in a community. LOVE and GREEN are the themes employed to promote positivism in life and the development of mutual support in the community.

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The Salvation Army (Macau) Education Centre

Established in 2017, The Salvation Army (Macau) Education Centre was set up to promote inclusive education in Macau. The services are provided by professional teachers and social workers and coordinated by experts in the field of special educational needs. The scope of services includes student development programmes, parent education programmes, youth volunteer training, teachers training, community advocacy and in-school services.

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Recycling Programme and Family Store

With the support of the Macau government, The Salvation Army is dedicated to recycling unused items. We promote green lifestyle and help the less advantaged by transferring in-kind donation to meet their needs. Social workers of any NGOs are welcome to refer their clients to us for material support. Please fill in the Request for Assistance Items (Macau) Application Form and submit it to us.

For enquiries, please call (853) 2825 2620 or email us at

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