Advisory Board and Advisory Committees

The Salvation Army values the wisdom, involvement and support of its Advisory Board. Composed of a professional and specialist group in their own fields from the community, the  Advisory Board and Advisory Committees assist the Army with its work in the following aspects:

  • Make suggestions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Army’s work.
  • Advise The Salvation Army in matters where the Boards’ expertise would be valuable, in areas such as government relationships, retail, property, legal, financial, education, personnel, marketing, communications, public relations, risk management and programme delivery.
  • Give advice and assistance in securing funds to support the work for the purposes of The Salvation Army.
  • Represent The Salvation Army in an ambassadorial capacity to enhance the Army’s profile.

Governance Structure

The Salvation Army Governance Structure is a framework of rules and practices by which a top policy making group, “Territorial Governance Council” ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in an organisation’s relationship with all of its stakeholders (solders, adherents, officers, employees, clients, donors, government and community members).

Various Governance Committee and Management Boards are set up under Territorial Governance Council to ensure that Strategic Mission Objectives are being monitored and achieved while Best Practice is demonstrated in all operational matters.

Administrative Structure

The administrative structure of The Salvation Army can best be described as being top-down and hierarchical based upon a quasi-military model. All official positions with the exception of the General are appointed; however, many non-Salvationists are also employed in various capacities.

The General directs The Salvation Army operations throughout 134 countries and areas of the world in collaboration with the administrative departments of the International Headquarters in London, UK, which are headed by International Secretaries.

The Hong Kong and Macau Territory is headed by the Territorial Commander who reports directly to International Headquarters. The Territorial Commander, with the assistance of the Chief Secretary, and other Departmental Secretaries and Directors, oversees the operation of The Salvation Army’s activities throughout Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland China.