Together We Serve the Community

We welcome all individuals, organisations and corporates to become our volunteer members. Becoming our volunteer can serve the needy and broaden the service users’ horizons, enrich our service models and improve the service users’ quality of life. More collaboration helps to create more synergy to foster a caring society.

Fundraising Activity Volunteer

Every year The Salvation Army organises a wide range of fundraising activities to raise funds for our community care services. With your support, we can continue to develop and establish diversified services for the people in need. Your participation will be much appreciated. Give us your support by becoming a Fundraising Activity Volunteer.

  1. Charity Sale: be a booth leader to help coordinating the running of a charity sale booth and brief volunteer teams on the operation.
  2. Charity Race Events: a large number of volunteers is needed to support different posts in order for a large-scale charity event to be possible, i.e. Registration counter, Photo booth and Refreshment areas.
  3. Festive Home-visits (during Lunar New Year, Christmas and Mid-Autumn Festival): Sharing love and blessings with the families in need.

Regular Volunteer 

Individual discussions will be held with the organisations / corporates to discuss the service nature and content of volunteer services. Various types of volunteer services are as follows:

  1. Professional support/ Consultation service. Advice provided with personal / corporate expertise helps to enhance our service quality.
  2. Regular Service: Mentorship, tutorial class, visits, outdoor activities, etc.
  3. Seasonal/ Festival Service: activities for different festivals, decoration for the festivals, caring for the elderly,
  4. One-off Service: carnivals, parent-child fun day, game competitions, performances, etc.

For enquiries, please send us an e-mail to