On 5 September 2022, a sudden earthquake of magnitude 6.8 destroyed the Moxi township in Sichuan under the snowy Mount Gongga. Many houses collapsed, and others became too dangerous to live in, affecting over 10,000 people. After the disaster, The Salvation Army provided travel allowances for students from affected families in the Hailuogou Scenic Spot Moxi Town Primary School, relieving these families of their financial burden in rebuilding their homes. The Army also supported the school in hosting Safety Education activities in the form of  handcrafted poster competition and speech contest, raising safety awareness among students and teachers. A P.5 student at the school, Lin is one of the 759 students receiving the allowance and a participant in the Safety Education speech contest. The hot spring spa operated by Lin’s family was destroyed in the earthquake and needs to be rebuilt. Therefore, either the allowance or Lin’s  participation in the Safety Education events gave Lin’s  family strength and hope in the rebuilding process.

The Salvation Army (Hong Kong) Sichuan Office

Assistant Project Officer

Tinky Tian