And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus (Colosians3:17)

Date Prayer Subjects
26/09 Executive Office
Officer Commanding:Lt-Colonel Bob Lee
General Secretary: Major Minny Chan
1. Thanks God that responding to the request of the General of the Salvation Army, Lt.-Colonels Bob and Wendy Lee will have a 2-months extension of service in the Command until the end of this year. May God remember their hard works, keep them, and strengthen them.
2. Thanks God that the COVID restrictions are relaxing that our leaders, Officers and staff are resuming visitations, trainings, and conferences out of town. May God equip each of them, bring us closer together and let His love and care be brought to our colleagues who are located outside Hong Kong.
27/09 Kowloon Central Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Joyce Lam
1. The second session of the youth music class are currently underway and the youth camp has just been completed. Pray that the gospel of the Lord will help people to know the Lord through these ministries and the love of our comrades, and use their life in Christ to influence others lives.
2. For more soldiers willing to respond to the call with faith, raise up the lives of young people and follow Christ closely.
28/09 Centaline Charity Fund Kindergarten
Head: Ms. Leung Kit Hing
1. At the beginning of the new school year, ask the Lord to keep the students, parents, teacher and staff with good health, and be wise with wisdom from God in their learning and teaching the children.
2. Pray watchfully in facing the social changes. May the Spirit of the Lord enter the hearts of people, remove their uncleanliness and greed in their hearts that they could truly be able to become “heart to God and hand to men”
New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory
TC: Commissioner Mark Campbell
CS: Colonel Gerald Walker
Officers 538(A261/R277) Corps 90 Cadets 5
Sr Soldiers 4,898 Jr Soldiers 886
1. We Thank God: That at the end of the year 15 Cadets will be commissioned as Lieutenants from NZ, Fiji and Tonga.
2. We Ask God: To open our eyes and hearts to new opportunities throughout the Territory to “Care for People, Transform Lives, and Reform Society through God in Christ by the Holy Spirit’s power.”
3. Samoa: Prayer or the expanding work in the Alcohol and Drug field and ministry to women who have experienced domestic violence.
30/09 Bradbury Camp
Assistant Camp Manager: Mr. Lo Wing Cheung
1. Under covid-19, we need keeping change the service to follow the government guidelines.
2. After the summer time, the workload of our camp colleague.