“Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29 NIV)

Date Prayer Topics
25/03 Personnel Department
Secretary for Personnel: Major Raymond Cho
Prayer Requests:
1. Thank God for Major Connie Ip (Former Secretary for Personnel) and Ms Joyce Tam (Former executive assistant). Thank God for their dedicated service.
2. Pray for Major Raymond Cho (New Secretary for Personnel) and Ms Rachel Chan (New executive assistant). Pray God’s wisdom upon them.
26/03 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Cecilia Codoy
Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the existing ministry and work of ESC will continue while looking for a new place of worship. May the provision of a new place becomes an opportunity to flourish and bring more souls at the feet of Jesus.
2. Please continue to pray for the Online Pastoral Care ministries of the Corps through online/phone counseling session, Bible Study, Daily (Dawn) Devotional Reflection and Friendship Evangelism. May these ministries continue to meet the needs of ESC Community and bring encouragements to them.
27/03 Wah Fu Nursery School
Headmistress : Ms Mabel Lo
Prayer Requests:
1. We thank God for protecting the staff of our school so we could have united spirit, good health, wisdom, and confidence to be united to face the Education Bureau’s key inspection on 7 March. The operation of the day was smooth, and the inspection officer saw clearly the quality services we are providing for our children.
2. Please pray that God will protect the reconstruction plan of the Wah Fu Estate, especially in the relocation plan of our school. May the plan be supported and aided by different government departments so it will run smoothly, and our children can learn and grow healthily in a more comfortable and enriched environment.
Sweden and Latvia Territory
TC: Colonel Bo Jeppsson
CS: Lt.-Colonel Robert Tuftstrom
Officers 289 (A 135 / R 154) Corps 82 Aux-Captain 5 Cadets12
Sr Soldier 2,992 Jr Soldiers 175 Adherents 1,367
Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the salvation of people! Multitudes of men and women need to have their lives transformed by meeting with Jesus Christ.
2. In our desperate need of Candidates, please pray that women and men would heed God’s calling for officership.
3. Please pray that the planned transferring of Officers would lead Officers and members into a greater expectation of God. Officers moving into new appointments has rarely taken place in Latvia.
4. Please pray for the strategy and planning for a Corps planting in 2025 in Latvia.