And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. (Hebrew 13:16)

Date Prayer Subjects
26/07 Educational Service Department
Educational Service Director: Dr. Carl Cheng Kai Yuen
1. Speedy recovery of Dr Carl Cheng in treatments of his illness. Bless him and his family with confidence and courage to resume healthy and normal life very soon.
2. In the absence of HOD, all ESD staff would support each other for smooth operation of the department with quality.
3. Since our new primary school in Queen’s Hill, Fanling has just been handed over by EDB, the staff under the leadership of Principal Mr Daniel Lo are committed to establish an excellent school in the will of God.
27/07 Shatin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Raymond Cho Kam Cheong
Assistant Corps Officer: Major Tammy Cho Tam Yuk Chun
We thank God for keeping our brothers and sisters in peace under the pandemic.
Shatin Corps is applying for relevant funds for employing a corps evangelist specialised in the holistic ministries of the Tin Ka Ping School students. May God guide us in the process.
28/07 Sai Wan Ho Family Store
Senior Sales: Ms. Mui Man Yee
Pray that all staff are in good health to cope with daily work and take care of their families.
Ghana Territory
TC: Colonel Samuel Amponsah
CS: Lt.-Colonel Friday S. Ayanam
Officers 274(A210/R64) Aux-Capts 10 Corps 127 Cadets 11
Sr Soldiers 21,200 Jr Soldiers 4,597
1. Please Pray for the Government of Ghana, for God’s intervention in government policies and plans for the people. Please pray for continued divine security for the entire citizenry.
2. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the President, so he could function efficiently, the famous king Solomon was able to achieve as much results as he did, because the wisdom of God was at work in him.
3. Pray for our Medical & Social work to thrive in the midst of all uncertainties and the personnel to walk only in the fear and counsel of the Lord.
4. Pray for all Retired Officers – strength and good health.
5. Pray for the Territorial leadership, that all the plans they have for the territory would be executed without any disturbances, some of these plans are:
i. Property Renewal mostly in Accra – Financial resources
ii. To open the Salvation Army T.V. Station as a means of evangelism
iii. To establish Tertiary institution.
30/07 Chai Wan Integrated Service For Young People
Service Supervisor : Ms. Katherine Mak Wing Yee
1. Pray for the health of staff and their families. As we found many of our staff and their family members are facing health issue, may God bless us with good health and peace at heart.
2. Pray for our youth services. After the social unrest and COVID-19, there is a social gap between people, and many of us do not trust each other, which is also the case even for parents, teachers and peers. This is so sad that people lose trust towards people. As social workers who work in the community, we want to be the peacemaker and bridge among people. We want especially to re-engage with the youngsters and further help them to rebuild trust with their families and people in the community.