The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. (Nahum1:7)

Date Prayer Subjects
29/01 Design and Media Department
Secretary for Business Administration : Major Glenn Price
1. May God strength our colleagues so that from God they can have endless creativity and innovative ideas in their design and photo-taking work.
2. May God bless our colleagues with health and strength to handle the cooperation with various departments and outdoor shooting assignments.
30/01 Sha Tin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Tammy Cho
1. We thank God that we recruited a sister as a full-time Corps Evangelist. Besides assisting the Corps’ children and parents ministry, she will also develop the campus evangelistic ministry in five pre-school units in the area.
2. We thank God that our campus evangelistic ministry’s Christmas event at the Tin Ka Ping school during November to December in 2023 introduced to students the true meaning of Christmas and helped them accept Jesus as their Lord. Please pray for the pastoral care of these students who accepted Jesus.
3. We thank God for using different celebratory events of Shatin Corps’ 40th anniversary to bring together the loving and unified hearts brothers and sisters have for the church. In the new year, please pray that God will inspire the congregation to love God more and be more committed to serve at the Corps.
31/01 North Point Nursery School & Creche
Headmistress : Ms. Leung Wing Kuen
1. Thank you Lord for letting the infants and children in the school come to you, know you, follow you, and learn and grow in your love every day. By this we offer thanks and praise. Please pray that the Lord will continue to look after the staff, parents, and children in the school, blessing them all with health and joy.
2. In the new year, may the love of Heavenly Father God always be with all our preschool education service units. May peace and grace be added to us every day, giving us confidence, wisdom, and hope.