Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ (Matt4:4)

Date Prayer Topics
26/02 Information Technology Department
Secretary for Business Administration: Major Glenn Price
Prayer requests:
1. Please pray for good health on our IT staff and their families.
2. Please pray for God’s grace and wisdom as we are under tremendous workload and pressure.
27/02 Tsuen Kwai Corps
Corps Officer: Major Peter Cho
Prayer requests:
1. As we move forward to a new year, please pray that the congregation will have steadfast faith for God, building a good relationship with God.
2. May brothers and sisters pursue Abundant Lives (territorial theme) in their growth and live out a good testimony.
3. May God grant us hearts of unity, to serve and leading people to God with one heart.
28/02 Tai Yuen Nursery School
Headmistress : Ms Yip Chui Yue
Prayer requests:
1. May God bless and keep our children, parents, and staff with good health.
2. We entrust the matters of primary school allocation of our K3 students in June to God. May God lead each child that they can enrol in schools that are suitable for them.
Sri Lanka Territory
TC: Colonel Nihal Hettiarachchi
CS: Lt.-Colonel Imran Sabir
Officers 139 (A88 / R51) Cadets 1 Corps 44 Societies & Outposts 16
Sr Soldier 4,450 Jr Soldiers 853 Adherents 1,088
Prayer requests:
1. New territorial theme- a new strategic plan for the territory is in place and the theme is FOCUS – on Transformation. Please pray for the successful implementation throughout the territory.
2. Extension ministry – under the new strategic plan our territory is continuing to extend the ministry to the administrative districts where there is not the Army presence at present. Please pray for the workers and new openings.