but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

Date Prayer Subjects
24/10 Internal Audit Department
Internal Audit Manager: Mr. Corwin Kwong
Petition :
1. May God give us wisdom and strength to know what to do to balance our role and responsibilities
2. We shall keep God in our mind as we aim to be humble servant at all time.
25/10 Kowloon West Corps
Corps Officer: Major Tony Ma
Assistant Corps Officer: Captain Linda Fung
Petition :
1. Thank you for the completion of Christ’s Little Soldier Children Ministry in the past three months. Among them, 6 parents and 11 children have decided to believe in the Lord.
2. Pray for the 5 sisters who are attending the recruit class. May the Lord strengthen their faith.
3. Thank you for starting the choir and tambourine ministry. May the Lord bless the leaders and participants to serve the Lord in more ways.
26/10 Hing Yan Kindergarten
School Head: Ms. Lo Sau Fan
Petition :
1. All the students, staff and their families of the school can be healthy in body and mind, and can go to school with peace and joy every day.
2. At the guidance of God, all the teaching staff of our school can devote themselves to teaching work, and can unite together to build a harmonious and friendly working environment.
India WesternTerritory
TC: Colonel Chawnghlut Vanlafela
CS: Lt.-Colonel John William Polimetla
Officers 648(A399/R249) Corps 276 Outposts 275 Cadets 23
Sr Soldiers 50,763 Jr Soldiers 9,760 Adherents 2,923
Petition :
1. Please pray for spiritual development in children and youth in the Territory as the Territory is focusing on making various resources and materials available for corps cadet’s lessons, VBS, preparation of junior soldiers and Sunday school lessons.
2. Please pray for the spiritual development of corps. The Territory is making awareness and training available at divisional and corps level, focusing on Corps Council and Senior Pastoral Care Council, so that it will function more effectively in the whole territory.
3. Please pray for divisional spiritual development through the vision of Territorial leaders plan to form revival group of soldiers to work among the division voluntarily and bring others into the Kingdom of God.
28/10 Chuk Yuen Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens
Centre In Charge: Ms Alice Poon
Petition :
1. For the elderly: The elderly in the center have been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, both physically and mentally. There are also elderly and their families who have been infected in the fifth wave of the epidemic, so that the overall situation has become weaker and worse. I hope that through the help of your prayer to keep them healthy and free from epidemics and diseases, as well as keeping their families healthy, work smoothly, and have a happy family.
2. Staff: The staff of the Centre has also changed the mode of caring for the elderly due to the Covid-19 epidemic. They have made great efforts and adjustments in maintaining epidemic prevention measures and taking care of the elderly. Even when the Centre did not have sufficient staff, the elderly in the Centre have also received the most appropriate care.
3. In addition, many staff of the center have also been infected in the fifth wave of the epidemic. I am grateful that everyone has recovered now. I hope that through prayer, all the staff of the Center would be kept healthy, work smoothly, and be free from the impact of the epidemic. And be strengthen to take care of the elderly and their families as well.