But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law (Ephesians 4: 4)

Date Prayer Subjects
21/11 Recycling Programme
Recycling Programme Director: Ms. Joanna Ho
1. New shop: Pray for the smooth implementation of the new shop. (There will be shops at So Uk and Hung Hom under negotiation in the near future.)
2. Activities: Pray for a smooth Christmas In-kind Donation Campaign.
22/11 Tai Po Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Winnie Keung
1. Pray for good health of brothers and sisters in their body, mind and spirit
2. Pray for commitment of brothers and sisters in gospel work at Queen’s Hill.
23/11 Shui Chuen O Kindergarten
School Head: Ms. Amanda Ko
1. Pray for the students, parents and staff, asking God to keep everyone strong in body and mind during the epidemic, and especially for parents and staff to have the wisdom from God, to raise children and support families in unity.
2. The school will conduct enrollment promotions from October to November, asking God to give the teaching team wisdom, to show the characteristics of the school and the Salvation Army, and to ensure that the activities could be carried out smoothly under the epidemic.
Norway, Iceland and the Faeroes Territory
TC: Commissioner Knud David Welander
CS: Colonel Bente Gundersen
Officers 334(A142/R192) Corps 102 Outpost 294 Cadets 8
Sr Soldiers4,099 Jr Soldiers 3 Adherents1,766
Pray for more children, youth and families to come and feel at home in TSA, so they can flourish and grow in Christian faith.
The Faeroes
Pray that God will Show us what His plans for us are, we want to listen to His voice, so we can be a Salvation Army for the future on the Faeroes Islands.
In our corps and other places where we work pray that God will help us to care for the people He has sent to us and give us courage and strength to continue being an including fellowship for everyone coming and taking part in our activities.
25/11 Integrated Service for Street Sleepers
Service Supervisor : Ms. Gloria Chan
1. As the epidemic continues, May God protect the health of the co-workers and the homeless, and also pray that God will give us confidence, strength, love and a healthy body to continue serving the community and take care of the different needs of the homeless. As the service expands, pray that God will give us the right person join in our team, work together with His the gift to give glory to God and benefit the others.
2. May God help the homeless to cope with the various impacts of the epidemic, that suitable job opportunities and a stable home could be granted for them. May Heavenly Father relieve the work pressure of co-workers, so that everyone could love each other, motivate one another to acts of love and good works.