“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”). (Matthew 1:23)

Date Prayer Subjects
22/11 China Development Department
Administrative Officer: Ms. Heidi Chan
1. Pray that the department will build a strong and cohesive team that better serves those in need with the grace of God.
2. Pray for peace and good health for our colleagues, partners and beneficiaries. Pray that our work will not be hindered by the pandemic situation. Also pray that our services, with God’s blessings, will be more innovative and effective, and that our team will be capable to cope with our work.
23/11 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major David Ip
Assistant Corps Officer: Major Samson Cheung
1. Pray for the work at the holistic wellness hub. May the elderly learn about the gospel through our service at the hub.
2. Assistant Corps Officer Major Cheung is serving at Melody Corps and Community Housing Project @ Sam Shing. May God bless him and guild him. Use his service for the glory of God and benefit of the people.
24/11 Hing Yan Kindergarten
School Head:Ms. Lo Sau Fun
1. May God keep all staff in good health in their body, mind and soul. Pray that we can make use of our strengths and professional knowledge to create a safe, happy and loving learning environment for our school children.
2. Pray that the epidemic will soon subside, so that we can all live and learn in a regular environment.
Tanzania Territory
TC: Colonel Seth Appeateng
CS: Lt-Colonel Daniel Kiama
Officers 267(A260, R7) Envoys40 Corps 84 Outpost 52 Cadets 14
Sr Soldiers 9,976 Jr Soldiers 5,667 Adherents3,461
1. Pray for corps and spiritual growth of our soldiers and activities taking place in all centres.
2. Pray also for church expansion where we are planning to open fire especially in the urban areas within and around Tanzania, especially Dodoma – the capital city.
3. Pray for strong leadership Team
4. That Salvationists will own the church, be proud of the Army and to have passion for souls.
26/11 School Social Work Service
Service Supervisor : Mr. Cheung Yu Chiu
1. May the Holy Spirit give wisdom and love to the government to draft the bill on mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse cases.
2. May God protect and give school personnel and school social workers strength to take care of students in time of pandemic.