Prayer details November 2020

Date Prayer Topics
Macau District
District Officer: Major Sara, Tam Mei Shun
1. Pray for Iao Hon Corps: spiritual growth of the soldiers and new comers,
2. Pray for Joy Family Integrated Services Centre for meeting the service standard required by the Social Welfare Bureau.
Kowloon City Corps
Corps Officer: Major Norris, Cheung Yuen Mei
Associate Corps Officer: Major Tony, Ma Kin Tung
1. Under the pandemic, may God keep all corps members healthy in body, mind and soul as they walk with the Lord every day.
2. May God bless the Corps ministries with continuing development to achieve holistic service.
Fu Keung Kindergarten/ Fu Keung Nursery
Head: Ms. Yeung Fung Yin
1. Pray that the epidemic will be under control, so that students’ learning and their family life will get back to normal without being much affected.
2. May God keep and lead the school to reveal God’s love and help students and their parents to learn about God through our work, which will glorify God and edify people.
3. Pray for good health and sound mind for our staff. May we all be strengthened so that we can deliver proper quality educational services for our students and their parents.

USA Central Territory
TC: Commissioner F. Bradford Bailey 
CS: Colonel Steven Howard
Officers (A615/R495) Corps 246 Cadets 42 
Sr Soldiers 13,713 Jr Soldiers 2,740 
1. For the Corps Officers who have been handling this new life and way of ministry since COVID-19 pandemic.
2. For soldier and officer children who have all had to adjust the way they normally do school and all of the stress that has caused.
3. For wisdom to innovate and create in ministry.
4. For the work that we do to have kingdom impact.
5. For racial justice and reconciliation and for our Divisions and local units to be a leader in those efforts.
6. Continued prayer for those involved in human trafficking and how to come alongside to create awareness and help.
7. For the upcoming Christmas effort and the new challenges that will be presented.
Lai King Home
Service Supervisor (adjunct Superintendent): Ms. Queenie, Wong Suk Yi 
1. Residential service users of Lai King Home cannot take home leaves or go out due to the pandemic situation. May God remember His beloved flock, that they will find comfort of body, mind and soul despite the epidemic and be strengthened by God. May our sovereign God bring an end to the pandemic, so that our service users’ lives may get back to normal.
2. Lai King Home is currently undergoing repair and rectification works. The pandemic has added extra problems and challenges to these works. We pray for peace for all service users, safety and smooth operation of works for the workers on-site, and timely completion of the works. Thank to our Heavenly Father for a better environment of Lai King Home when the repair works are completed.