Date Prayer Subject
25/01 China Development Department
Administrative Officer: Ms. Heidi Chan Mei Yee
1. May God grant peace and health to everyone in the world, all colleagues of CDD and their families, work partners and service users. Pray that everyone will be well.
2. Pray for smooth progress and development of various ministries and social services. Pray that our work will excel and be relevant to the people’s needs.
26/01 Wanchai Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Gideon Yue
Associate Corps Officer: Captain Alice Yue
1. May God grant our leaders wisdom in making strategic planning for the future location of Wanchai Corps.
2. Pray that God will grant fellow brothers and sisters wisdom to make good use their God-given talents to work for the Lord, so that Wanchai Corps may continue to ‘unfurl the flag of the Lord and spread His great love’.
27/01 Kam Tin Nursery School
Head: Ms. Lai Wai Hung
1. Pray that the School team will work in one accord and stay proactive in maintaining the quality of teaching and service during the school suspension period. May our school staff remind and support one another, and that there will be more love and care among the children and parents.
2. May God keep everyone (including staff, children and their parents) in good health and have peace of mind. Pray that they will trust one another with positive mind and overcome adversities and challenges one after another in obedience and calmness.
Zimbabwe And Botswana Territory
TC: Commissioner Wayne Bungay
CS: Lt.-Colonel Trustmore Muzorori
Officers 686(A562/R124) Corps 443 Cadets 19
Sr Soldiers 132,469 Jr Soldiers 19,024
1. The situation in Zimbabwe is deteriorating and in need of intensified prayers. Our economy needs God’s intervention.
2. Most people are starving because they cannot afford to buy basic items since prices are beyond reach. Most people are suffering because they cannot afford hospital and medical bills. The lockdown caused by the COVID-19 has worsened the situation.
3. All schools, colleges and universities have been at halt since March 2020 because of the COVID-19. Now that they are re-opening, some schools are facing the following challenges:
– Failing to prepare well for the safety of learners against COVID-19.
– School fees have hiked that some learners will fail to go back to school.
– Teachers are in need of salary increment and some of them are not reporting for work which leaves the learners unsupervised which is leading to chaos.
4. The year 2020 had many disturbances in almost all our church programmes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank God because as we conclude the year, we are now able to gather for church services with the limited number of not more than one hundred per gathering.
Prayer points
1. Continue to pray for the situation in Zimbabwe putting into consideration the economy, starvation, health issues and political stability.
2. Pray for the Covid 19 Pandemic to come to an end for it has caused a lot of disturbances in our daily lives and our Church programmes.
3. To pray for the officers and soldiers despite the challenges of life and also pray for our Territorial leaders.
4. To pray for Botswana and Madagascar as they are part of Zimbabwe Territory to grow from strength to strength.
5. To pray for parents who are facing fees challenges, the learners who are being affected and pray also for the challenges of the schools and teachers.
6. To pray for our Territorial leaders, Commissioners Wayne and Deborah Bungay as they are still new to the Territory for God to guide and protect them.
7. To pray for a brighter 2021 year.
29/01 Carer Project
Team Leader: Ms. Chu Pui Shan
1. May God protect all staff of the Carer Project with good health. Grant us wisdom, strength and faith as we help more people in need.
2. May God keep our service users and their families healthy in their body, mind and soul.