Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 1: 2)

Date Prayer Subjects
21/02 Macau Ministry
Overseer : Major Jeremy Lam
Project Officer: Mr Vida Li
1. Pray for members of Iao Hon Corps who are suffering illnesses. May God specially heal and keep them. Strengthen the faith of fellow Corps members so that their experiences may become amazing witnesses and marks of the church revival.
2. Pray for the young people’s ministries being launched in the new year in Iao Hon Corps. May God strengthen our colleagues and fellowship leaders. Pray for smooth operation of all activities of our ministries. Also pray that God will work in the hearts of all participating youths. May the seeds of Gospel grow in their hearts and bring these youths to Jesus.
22/02 Kowloon East Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Billy Lam
1. Kowloon East Corps is celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year. May God continue to use us in serving more people and touching more lives in the Yau Tong community in His name.
2. Pray for the staff recruitment of the Corps, including the posts of Ministry Coordinator and Ministry Assistant III cum Administrative Assistant.
23/02 North Point Nursery School
Head : Ms. Leung Wing Kuen
1. Thanks Lord for letting the infants and children in the school come to you, know you, follow you, and learn and grow in your love every day. By this we offer thanks and praise. Pray that the Lord will continue to look after the staff, parents and infants in the school. Health and joy will always be there.
2. May Lord bless our staff in all units of pre-school education with healthy and stable team, working together to meet different challenges in the future.
United Kingdom and Ireland Territory
TC: Commissioner Anthony Cotteril
CS: Colonel Paul Main
Officers 2,286(A974/R1,312) Envoy 62 Corps 629
Cadets 41 Sr Soldiers 22,642 Jr Soldiers 2,684 Adherents 8,305
1. We ask our fellow Salvationists for your prayers as we engage in our mission:
• To share the good news
• To serve others without discrimination
• To nurture disciples of Jesus
• To care for creation
• To seek justice and reconciliation
2. During 2021 we have listened to God and to each other in every setting. Now we ask for discernment as we go forward, praying that local mission will flourish.
3. We pray for people to respond when God speaks – for everyone to explore what he is calling them to be and to do, as we love God and love others.
4. We thank God for resources which enable mission and we pray for wisdom and good stewardship in meeting the complex needs and demands of the territory.
25/02 Yee On Home
Person in charge : Ms.Tsoi Ling Ling
1. Pray for the Coronavirus to stop spreading.
2. Pray for our service users, service team and their families to be healthy and peaceful.