‘No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.’ (Romans 8:37)

Date Prayer Subjects
22/02 Divisional Headquarters
Divisional Commander: Major Jeremy, Lam Yin Ming
1. In the new year, pray that all Corps Officers and Local Officers may continue to nurture fellow brothers and sisters and to serve people in need in the community.
2. Pray for the Corps Plant plan in Queen’s Hill School. May God prepare suitable colleagues and brothers and sisters to start evangelical work there.
23/02 Kam Tin Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Winnie, Keung Mei Yee
1. Pray for good health in the body, mind and soul for fellow brothers and sisters. May they have trust and pray to God.
2. Pray that the Corps may soon resume normal operation as in pre-pandemic days.
24/02 Ming Tak Nursery School
Head: Ms. Cheung Man Lai
1. COVID-19 has lasted about a year and has greatly impacted Hong Kong and the world. May God keep all young children, parents, staff and their family in good health and peace. Pray that the pandemic will be under control and our lives may resume as normal soon.
2. The ongoing pandemic affects children’s learning, parents’ work and teachers’ teaching work to different extents. May God grant the young children a God-given passion for learning. May all families be safe in His keeping. Pray that all teachers have wisdom in their teaching as they guide the young children to learn and grow.
Singapore, Myanmar and Malaysia Territory
TC: Colonel Rodney S. Walters
CS: Lt.-Colonel Hary Haran
Officers 180(A149/R31) Corps 63 Cadets 6
Sr Soldiers 2,805 Jr Soldiers 440
1. Our people to cultivate a strong discipleship culture throughout the Corps & Social Ministries.
2. Our territory to raise passionate leaders with a clear understanding of their call to mission.
3. The official establishment of the Army’s work in Thailand with a successful registration of The Salvation Army in the country.
4. All our four countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar with Thailand to promote internal collaboration and unity among all ministry stations across the territory.
5. Our people who are beginning to engage in social justice issues and take initiatives to promote God’s love within the local community as appropriate.
26/02 Hoi Tai Residence For Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Ms. Wong Hoi Yan
1. May the God of hope fill our residents of Hoi Tai Residence with good health and peace of mind in the winter time. Also pray for their family members who may feel worried about the health condition of the elders. Let’s pray for them to stay safe and connected with our colleagues as we walk together combating the COVID-19.
2. Grant strength and wisdom to our colleagues who are working hard to take care of our residents. Pray that they may take good care of their physical, mental and spiritual health so as to meet the work challenges in 2021.