“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Date Prayer Subjects
22/08 China Development Department
Administrative and Project Manager: Ms. Heidi Chan
1. Pray that the influences of pandemic or other natural disasters on the Army’s services in Mainland China will be minimised, so that we can provide more meticulous and in-depth services to help more people in need.
2. Pray that the department can develop more diverse services and enhance professionalism and quality of services delivered by our colleagues, so that more people in need will receive suitable services.
23/08 Wan Chai Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Gideon Yue
Associate Corps Officer: Captain Alice Yue
1. Pray for the relocation and future development of Wanchai Corps. May God guide us all the way.
2. May the Lord touch the hearts of our brothers and sisters, that they will earnestly pray, offer and take part in various evangelical ministries.
24/08 Yaumatei Family Store
Senior Shop Manager: Ms. Lee Kwan Ying
1. May God bless all with health and peace.
2. Pray that the pandemic will end soon.
Korea Territory
TC: Commissioner Chang, Man-hee
CS: Colonel Kim, Byung-yoon
Officers 823(A563, 260) Envoys11 Corps 229 Outposts/Societies 12 Cadets 21
Sr Soldiers 47,085 Jr Soldiers 7,392 Adherents 5,262
1. For the ability to quickly respond to the rapidly changing social environment for missions.
2. For effective management and utilization of human and material resources for sustain.
3. To improve the empathy of members of the organization for reform and renewal for the next generation.
4. For restructuring and refocusing of Social Services in compliance with the Army identity and social needs.
5. For effective property development and investment for the future.
26/08 Tai Po Multi-service Centre for Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor : Mr. Adrian Sun
1. May the Lord guard our heart above everything else because everything we do flows from our heart.
2. May the Lord shower his peace upon us, comfort those who are anxious and fearful, heal the sick, help the weak, and be hopeful even in affliction.