The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it. (Proverb 10:22)

Date Prayer Subjects
23/08 Information Technology Department
Information Technology Director :Mr. Jacob Chik
1. Pray for the health of our IT staff and their family members as they are facing individual challenges.
2. Pray that the Lord will give us strength and wisdom to cope with the tremendous pressure and workload.
24/08 Tsuen Kwai Corps
Corps Officer: Major Belinda Tso
Associate Corps Officer: Major Simon Tso
1. Pray for peace and good health in the body, mind and soul of our children, Junior Soldiers and young people. Nowadays the young have access to loads of information without leaving their doorsteps. May God guard the young hearts not to be polluted. Pray that they love everything good and are eager to know God. Also pray for their determination for returning to the church.
2. Pray for the 3 to 5-year plan of Tsuen Kwai Corps: The daily bible reading plan kicked off this year, personal preparation for evangelism, and pray for building and benefiting Local Officers, soldiers and other people as well as the church. Glory be to God!
25/08 Tsuen Wan Family Store
Senior Store Manager : Ms. Maggie Chan
1. In adversity, may God keep us in joy and peace and leave everything unto Him.
2. In prosperity, may the Holy Spirit remind and guide us not to be proud and do not do wrong. Be compassionate for all those who need help.
Angola Command
OC: Lt-Colonel Gracia Matondo
GS: Major Sergio Nsumbu
Officers 67(A54, R13) Aux-Capts 4 Corps 3 Cadets 9
Sr Soldiers 4,195 Jr Soldiers910 Adherents152
1. We thank God as for this time, with support of all your prayers, we have succeeded to get 10 accepted Candidates for officership and for the next session.  As a result of your prayers.
2. We ask God to assist the Angola Government as the presidential election will be held in 2022. May God grant wisdom to the Angola Government and political parties for a peaceful election.
3. The General will be visiting Angola early February 2022. We pray that the General could meet with the President of Angola.
27/08 Education and Development Centre
Service Supervisor : Mr. Tony Lo
1. Employment has been affected amid the pandemic, resulting in high unemployment rate and underemployment. Pray that those being affected will find a suitable job soon, with increased employability and continue to stay in employment to achieve self-sustenance.
2. The Centre is facing manpower shortage at present and colleagues are facing great pressure. Pray for peace and joy among all colleagues.