But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. (Psalm 86: 15)

Date Prayer Subjects
19/04 Officer Training College
Training Officer: Major Raymond Cho Kam Cheong
1. Pray for Cadet-Lieutenants Michael Lam and Forrest Tsoi for their study in the Officer Training College and United Wesleyan Graduate Institute, as well as their placement in Hong Kong Island East Corps and its chaplaincy district.
2. Pray for the enrolment of new cadets in September 2021. No applications have been received as of now. May God continue to touch more hearts.
20/04 Tai Po Corps
Corps Officer: Major Fona Ling Chan Suet Fong
1. Give thanks for Wing-keung’s family for their first daughter was born on 8 February.
2. Give thanks for the live broadcast of Sunday worship, as many people who are unable to attend a meeting have watched their recorded worships online.
3. Pray for spiritual growth of fellow members of Tai Po Corps. May they make more spiritual progress this year.
4. Pray for those who are unable to offer service at the Corps because there is/are confirmed cases in the buildings they live in. Also pray for the service personnel who are stressed because of live streaming. May God strengthen them to overcome temptations.
5. May God prepare a new Corps Officer for the Corps.
21/04 North Point Nursery School and Creche
Head: Ms. Leung Wing Kuen
1. We give thanks to our Heavenly Father that during this pandemic, our school staff, parents and students are healthy and not affected by coronavirus. We praise and give thanks to the Lord.
2. Lord, bless our staff in all units of pre-school education services with good health and a stable team, so that we may move forward in one accord, working together to meet different challenges in the future.
The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia Territory
TC: Commissioner Hannelise Tvedt
CS: Colonel Donna Evans
Officers 306(A112/R194) Corps 63 Cadets 4
Sr Soldiers 3,430 Jr Soldiers 367
1. The Territory has commenced an online working conference which will run over a period of five months concluding June 2021. The conference is based on the book Christ at the Door – Biblical Keys to Our Salvationist Future by Commissioner Phil Needham. Pray for the 200 plus participants who gather online listening to the presentations that they will develop understanding and connections with each other and focus on new ways to express God’s love and faith in the local neighbourhoods.
2. Pray that God shows us where to be in the local community and that He equips us to start even more new faith communities.
3. Pray that God continues to send workers to bring in the harvest. We pray especially for new soldiers and officers.
4. Pray for wisdom as we seek to embark on a new program to offer employees the opportunity to discover more about ministry opportunities within The Salvation Army.
5. Pray for the continued work among the Roma people, particularly in Slovakia; that there may be hope and light for this excluded community.
6. Pray for the children’s and youth work that a new generation may rise up who are committed to serving God through The Salvation Army.
7. Pray for the safety and health of our officers, employees and volunteers as they continue to provide services to many who are impacted by Covid.
8. Pray for wisdom as we look to how we can reimagine women’s ministry.
23/04 Nam Shan Residence For Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Ms. Wong Suk Han
1. Pray for staff and residents who have been infected by coronavirus. Pray for their speedy recovery. Also, may the deceased resident rest in peace. Pray that his/her family may soon be comforted.
2. Pray for residents who will be taking the vaccines. Pray for smooth running of the vaccination programme that would ensure the health of our residents.