And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.(Hebrew11:6)

Date Prayer Subjects
14/11 Property Department
Senior Project Manager: Mr. Victor Ng
1. Smooth progress and completion of transitional housing project, and blessing for the families to be moved in.
2. Recruitment of suitable and stable colleagues after the restructuring of the department.
3. Planning of the repair and maintenance works for TSA properties, maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all.
15/11 Tai Hang Tung Corps
Corps Officer: Major Peter Cho
Associate Corps Officer: Major Mok Lai Ching
1. The world is changing, time is changing, society is changing. In this ever-changing age, May the Lord keep our brothers and sisters loving the Lord, the church, and others, and to rely on the Lord with hope and confidence.
2. Our corps lacks mentors in youth pastoral ministry. Pray that the Lord will raise up more young people to be their life mentors and to shepherd them.
3. Facing the vast harvest field in our parish, may the Lord give our church wisdom, and to spread the gospel with one heart and one mind, and lead more families in our community to hear the gospel through parents-children ministry.
16/11 Ng Kwok Wai Memorial Kindergarten
School Head: Ms. Chan Siu Lai
1. Pray for the students admission work. May the Lord help us to let more families knowing the Lord’s love.
2. Pray for each sick child in each family. May the Lord heal them and wish that each sick child be healed by the Lord.
3. Pray for everyone who lacks love, and ask the Lord to have mercy and grace, so that everyone could experience and exercise love, so that families could live harmoniously and their children be blessed.
USA Southern Territory
TC: Commissioner Willis Howell
CS : Colonel Ralph Bukiewicz
Officers 1,483(A828/R655) Corps 317 Outpost 1 Cadets 33
Sr Soldiers 27,473 Jr Soldiers 5,962 Adherents 1,541
1. Pray for all Officers, Soldiers, Employees, and Volunteers who are engaged in our Christmas service and fundraising efforts for an extra measure of His strength and wisdom that all who see them will see Christ.
2. Candidates – Pray for God’s people to answer the call of God upon their lives to be full-time ministers of His gospel as officers in The Salvation Army.
3. Commissioning 2023 – Pray for the Reflectors of Holiness as they prepare for their commissioning and for the Evangelism and Discipleship Conference to be held in conjunction with Commissioning.
Pray for seekers and souls to be won in every community where the Army flag flies and the gospel is shared.
18/11 Youth at Risk Support Services
In-charge: Mr. Tin Ka Po
1. Our service development is facing unprecedented challenges but also new opportunities and possibilities. Pray for wisdom, faith and determination for our team to create a new milestone in our services.
2. People have been living in anxiety and uncertainty under the rapid change in politics and economy of the world. Pray that world leaders have the wisdom and strength to avoid war.