Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant. (2 Samuel 7: 28)

Date Prayer Subjects
15/03 Human Resources Department
Group Human Resources Director: Ms. Winnie, Chui Ngan Ho
1. Pray that our Officers and employees are physically strong and mentally resilient to serve our internal and external customers/service users.
2. Pray to God that we have strong collaboration with different departments and work with joy and a thankful heart.
16/03 Kowloon East Corps
Corps Officer: Major Bruce, Tam Chun Fai
1. Pray for the ‘service personnel sharing’ meeting, that will spread and explain to them this year’s theme of the Corps – ‘See Again and Rebuild’.
2. Pray for our chaplaincy ministry. May God prepare manpower for the work.
17/03 Tai Yuen Nursery School
Head: Ms. Yip Chui Yue
TC: Colonel Alfred Banda
CS: Lt.-Colonel Samuel Baah
Officers 137(A125/R12) Corps 100 Cadets 10
Sr Soldiers 10,711 Jr Soldiers 3,347
1. That God will provide his general protection and wellbeing to our Territorial Leaders, Colonels Alfred and Pamela Banda as they settle into their new appointments.
2. Pray for our new Chief Secretary and TSWM, Lt. Colonels Samuel and Theresa Baah as they settle and work hand in hand with the leadership for the development of this Territory.
3. Please pray for financial support that will facilitate the territorial vision of moving THQ from Blantyre to Lilongwe city to enhance good communication network among other central–based advantages.
4. Pray for settlement of all officers that were involved in the general moves of December 2020 so that they quickly adjust and become more effective in their current appointments.
5. Pray for God’s intervention against COVID-19 and its related effects upon lives and economy. Pray that God will help Malawians to handle fear, anxiety and panic against conspiracy over the vaccine consignment which is said to be in the pipeline.
6. Please pray for the Army in Malawi not to be shaken despite COVID-19 restrictions and that God will bless every effort made to make it continue to move from strength to strength in all aspects of territorial growth.
7. Lastly, pray for cadets of the Messengers of Grace session whose training has been extremely interrupted by COVID-19 lockdowns. Pray that God will help them to remain faithful to His call even after this pandemic comes to an end.
19/03 Kwong Wah Hospital Integrated Discharge Support Programme For Elderly Patients – The Salvation Army Home Support Team
Project Manager: Ms. Chan Fung Har
1. May God keep us in our service and operation under the pandemic.
2. We are expecting some personnel changes in our social work ministries. Pray that God will keep us in the recruitment process and prepare for us suitable candidates.