For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have. (2Corinthian 8:12)

Date Prayer
12/07 Corporate Communications Department
Corporate Communications Director : Ms. Eva Chow Tsz Wa
1. May God bless the merging of Corporate Communications Department and Development Department. Grant us grace and wisdom so that the colleagues of the two departments will adapt to the changes and build a unified team as we continue to serve God in one accord.
2. The Literary Team is working on the Chinese translation of Called to be a Soldier – Exploring the Soldier’s Covenant (the new version Orders and Regulations for Soldiers) and its companion reader Day by Day – Call to Mission. May God guide us through the translation work, so that, through the Chinese translation of the books, the essential messages of the original works will be effectively delivered.
13/07 Kowloon West Outpost
Corps Officer: Major Tony Ma Kin Tung
Assistant Corps Officer: Captain Linda Fung So Ling
1. We give thanks as in-person worship has commenced since 18 April, with an average attendance of 40 persons. With a lack of serving personnel, pray that God will bring more manpower to enable more effective services and development of our ministries.
2. Pray for our summer activities, Women’s Ministries (starting from June, themed Enriching Love) and children’s ministries (starting from September, themed Christ’s Little Good Soldiers).
14/07 North Point Family Store
Senior Sales Manager : Ms. Maggie Chan Yuen Yu
1. Pray for everyone’s good health and everything goes well and achieve what they want.
2. Pray for an end of the global epidemic as soon as possible. The world will return to normal operation, and the world will become peaceful, with no more war and epidemics.
Germany, Lithuania and Poland Territory
TC: Colonel Hervé Cachelin
CS: Lt.-Colonel Hartmut Leisinger
Officers 118(A62/R56) Aux-Capts 4 Envoy 3 Corps 39 Cadets 1
Sr Soldiers 741 Jr Soldiers 77
That we are getting to know deeper the leading of God’s Spirit, leaning into him for insight, wisdom and discernment, and applying it into our personal lives and everyday tasks.
That Christians in the country are open for God‘s voice and willing to be led by him – in the midst of a tense domestic political situation and within the geopolitical position of Eastern Europe.
A spirit filled and passionate Army that is effective in taking the Gospel message to those we come in contact with.
16/07 Yaumatei Multi-Service Centre for Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Mr. Matthew Yau Man Chun
1. Pray for elders and their carers in the community. May God keep them in good health. As they are facing changes around, grant them peace and joy that transcend all understanding.
2. May God keep all colleagues of the unit with a cheerful heart. Bless their services as a witness of God’s love and great power.