Prayer Subjects for January 2024

The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; (Lamentations 3:25)

Date Prayer Subjects
15/01 College of Mission
Director, Mission of College: Major Raymond Cho
1. We thank God that Cadet-Lt. Edmond Lee has completed 1st year training with good result and has been recommended for 2nd year training. Pray for his academic studies and field placement at Kowloon Central Corps starting from Jan 2024.
2. Continue to pray for more soldiers who would respond to God’s calling to officership.
16/01 Kowloon West Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Linda Fung
1. Please pray that the team of local officers will be passionate in serving God and developing the evangelistic ministry.
2. Please pray that parents who are Recruits will continue to be committed to the church and become Soldiers.
3. Please pray that children will continue to learn and grow steadily in the church.
17/01 Lok Man Nursery School
Headmistress : Ms. Tam Yuk Chun
Grateful praises:
1. We thank God for protecting our colleagues, children, and parents of the Lok Man Nursery School with peace and joy and that we achieved many goals.
1. Please pray that our children will be led by God starting from the morning prayer session every day so they will learn about Jesus Christ and accept Him as the Saviour. May the love of Christ enter the children’s hearts and they can learn to be close to Jesus through prayer and grow spiritually every day.
2. May God strengthen our staff, inspire us to follow God’s will, and allow His grace to come upon us.
Russia Territory
TC: Lt. Colonel Alexander Kharkov
CS: Major Svetlana Sharova
Officers 28 (A 20 / R 8) Cadets 4 Corps 13
Sr Soldiers 248 Jr Soldiers 38 Adherents 164
1. Please pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our officers and soldiers.
2. Please pray that we will have wisdom in finding way forward to continue the mission of The Salvation Army in Russia.
3. Please pray that we will have new ways of reaching out to people.
4. Please pray that we will have new ways of self-support and sustainability.
19/01 Yaumatei Multi-service Centre for Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Mr. Matthew Yau
1. As the festival approaches and we are all busy with the celebration, there are many hidden elders, singleton or doubleton elderly, and heavily-stressed caregivers of elderly in our society and the public are not aware of their needs. May God bless us with wisdom so our staff can help them overcome their difficulties in life and mourn with those who mourn, so they can feel cared for by the society.
2. As the weather is getting cold, may God bless the elderly with health, a warm place to live, and that they can feel the love and care of our staff and of other people in the community.
3. May God remember the hard work of our staff and strengthen them so they can balance between work and family life and continue to serve the needy