The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; (Lamentations 3:25)

Date Prayer Subjects
16/01 Communication and Fund Raising Department
Manager: Ms. Denise Wong
1. Meet fundraising target of the fundraising activities and appeals (Lai See Appeal) to support the service of the Army.
2. Recruit suitable and experienced colleague to CFD.
17/01 HKIE Corps
Corps Officer: Lt. Michael Lam
Associate Corps Officer: Lt. Forrest Tsoi
1. Strengthen the cooperation with our service units and to bring forth the ‘One Army Spirit’ among us.
2. Carry out the parents ministry of the two schools, may God revive our Corps to take up the ‘Great Commission’ – to preach the gospel.
18/01 Lei Muk Shue Nursery School
School Head : Ms. Zenobia Chu
1. May God bless every colleague to have a healthy body and a lively mind, so that they can take care of their families and cope with their daily work.
2. There are more and more school children with individual learning or care needs. May God grant teachers and parents sufficient wisdom and ability to help children with their needs.
Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory
TC: Colonel Rodney Walters
CS: Lt-Colonel Hary Haran
Officers 178(A141, R37) Envoy 9 Corps 62 Cadets 12
Sr Soldiers 2,773 Jr Soldiers 396 Adherents 339
1. Pray for the regional and district leaders to support their Officers & soldiers with passion, teamwork and skills to accomplish God given mission.
2. Pray for the newly formed Malaysian ‘unity government,’ elected recently, to lead country with social justice and able to provide a strong safety net for the vulnerable, the poor and the marginalised in the face of the weakening currency (Ringgit), rising prices of food and medicine, and shortage of resources.
3. Pray for young people and youth in Myanmar finding hope in Christ and God will open doors for them to have better education system and job opportunities.
4. Pray for the registration process and approval be expedited for the Salvation Army work in Thailand.
20/01 School Social Work Service
Service Supervisor: Mr. Cheung Yu Chiu
1. Pray for the students and schoolteachers to adapt whole-day Face-to-Face Classes in Secondary, Primary Schools, Pre-school Institutions and Special Schools from December onwards.
2. Children are a precious gift from God. Pray for the carers, helping professionals and policy makers to have wisdom and love to protect children from harm.