“Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.” Jesus warned them not to tell anyone about him. (Mark 8:29-30)

Date Prayer Topics
14/02 Sam Shing Nursery School
Headmistress: Ms. Lam Tien Wai
Prayer requests:
1. May God protect our staff and bless us with physical and spiritual health, joy, and wisdom.
2. May God grant us stable and sufficient manpower to provide quality and caring services for the children and parents.
USA Southern Territory
TC: Commissioner Kelly Igleheart
CS: Colonel Deborah Sedlar
Officers 1,447 (A789 / R658) Aux.-Captains 5 Envoy 21 Cadets 35 Corps 315 Outposts 1
Sr Soldier 27,105 Jr Soldiers 5,441 Adherents 1,468
Prayer requests:
1. We ask God’s blessings upon our Territorial Priorities that are divided between three categories: Love, Serve and Disciple. The emphasis is “All for Jesus” as we move through 2024 in all levels of Salvation Army service and ministry.
2. Although we have resumed all our activities, the attendances in our corps are still below what they were before the pandemic. Pray for God’s Spirit to quicken the hearts of those who have become spiritually lazy and that there would be renewal in our ranks.
16/02 Chuk Yuen Children and Youth Centre
Service Supervisor: Ms. Katherina Lee
Prayer requests:
1. We pray for our new staff team. Despite facing a shortage of manpower, they remain dedicated to providing excellent service to our service users. May God grant them wisdom, compassion, and unity in their area of responsibilities, and their energy and motivation to be renewed, bringing joy and fulfillment to their work. We ask for God’s blessing in the process of our recruitment and to have skilled individuals who have a heart for serving the needy to join us. May our cluster be a place of love and comfort, reflecting God’s love and compassion.
2. We pray for the carers of the elderly, especially those caring for individuals with dementia, and for elder spouses caring for each other in old age. We recognize their challenges and sacrifices as they selflessly give their time, energy, and love to ensure the well-being and comfort of their loved ones. May God grant them strength, patience, and wisdom to deal with the complexities of dementia and the needs of the elderly. May they find joy and fulfilment in their role, supported by understanding family, friends, and professionals.