“Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.” Jesus warned them not to tell anyone about him. (Mark 8:29-30)

Date Prayer Subjects
12/02 Divisional Headquarters
Divisional Commander: Major KW Chan
1. Thank God that the Chinese New Year Revival Meeting successfully held on 3 February 2023. We asked Lord to use Pastor Yu and stir up the love of comardes in the Command again.
2. Pray for the Corps Officers and their Corps accordingly in recent appointment change, that everyone continue to fulfill the mission of the gospel with one accord.
13/02 Kowloon City Corps
Corps Officer: Major David Ip
Assistant Crops Officer : Cadet-Lt Edmond Lee Ka Ho
1. Pray that God will grant wisdom and ability to Local Officer team to cooperate with the newly appointed Cadet-Lieutenant. May they work closely with each other for the goals set for the coming year.
2. Thank God for various volunteers in the Education Center for assisting homework tutoring classes. The working hours of the center’s tutors are often unstable. We are still recruiting people, and asking God to send suitable candidates.
14/02 North Point Nursery School
School Head:Ms. Leung Wing Kuen
1. May Heavenly Father take care of all babies and children, parent and teaching staff in our school, so that every day is full of joy, peace and health, and continue to enjoy the blessings from heaven in the new year.
2. Continue to pray for the epidemic, pray that all walks of life can return to normal after the epidemic eases, so that each other’s everyone’s life can be stable as before.
Taiwan Region
Regional Commander?: Major Sara Tam
Officers 18(A14 /R4) Corps 5 Outpost 2 Envoy 1
Sr Soldiers 222 Jr Soldiers 34 Adherents 87
1. Pray for our spiritual revival through the Brengle Institute held from 25-28 February 2023.
2. Pray for our discipleship plan so our Army is strongly rooted in Christ.
3. Pray for Neihu Corps for purchasing a more spacious premises as their ministries is growing.
4. Pray for more candidates in our Region.
16/02 Tai Wo Hau Centre for Senior Citizens
Person in-charge: Mr. Erik Li
1. Pray for the resigned workers in TWHSC, wish them would adapt their new post well and have a peaceful and joyful life.
2. Pray for the existing workers in TWHSC, they are overcoming a toilful situation in shortage of manpower, wish we could get over it smoothly.