‘’The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. ‘’ (Isaiah7:14)

Date Prayer Subjects
12/12 Women Ministries Department
Command WM President : Lt.-Colonel Wendy Lee
1. May God grant the Corps Officers to have wisdom to know how to plan a meaningful and helpful programme for the ladies in the Corps and communities. Especially can attract more younger ladies to join the WM programme and come to know God deeply.
2. We are thankful that many women have found interest in our programmes. May we continue to reach out to women who have yet to know God and accept Jesus.
13/12 Tung Chung Corps
Corps Officer: Major Helina Chan
1. Adaptation of the new Corps Officer.
2. The development of church-school unity ministry.
3. Cultivation of the ministry team.
14/12 Catherine Booth Nursery School
School Head : Ms.Tang Yee King
1. Our senior teacher, Ms Au has been suffering from Cancer and on her sick leave since June. She is still under medication and going to have another surgery in late November. We wish GOD could give her much power to fight the cancer and recover well. And we do hope she could be back to work on January 2023.
2. There are some SEN(Special Education Need) students that we need to put extra effort to teach and take care of them. We wish GOD could give all our staff and those SEN students’ parents strengthto carry on their meaningful work and cooperate well to help those students.
Nigeria Territory
TC: Commissioner Daniel Kasuso
CS: Lt.-Colonel Isaac Danso
Officers 507(A384/R123) Corps 208 Cadets 48
Sr Soldiers 22,252 Jr Soldiers 8,739 Adherents 1,533
We need God guidance as we pray for more growth andopenings in the territory
That our leaders, Officers and comrades will be in good health as they continue to move this ministry forward
26 Lieutenants were commissioned and got appointments in August this year., May God use them in His own way
By November 22 cadets will be welcomed into the training College. May God be with them
16/12 Ma Wan Camp
Camp Manager: Mr. Paper Mak
1. Pray for the campers and participants who join the camps and activities of the third quarter of this year at Ma Wan Camp. Since the reopening of the recreational and sports facilities at the end of April, there have been a large number of inquiries and reservations from schools and groups. Only in the third quarter, there had been nearly fifty camps and activities. Pray that God will bless all the campers and participants, so that they can get satisfaction in body, mind and spirit and feel loved.
2. Pray for the colleague’s spirit of our camp; half of the colleagues’ immediate family members passed away due to the pandemic in half a year. Under the sad mood and a large number of camp meetings and activities, pray for God’s comfort and strength for all our colleagues that they could continue to care for and encourage each other. When facing various pains and difficulties, we must carefully seek God’s will and ask God for guidance.