“Peace, peace, to those far and near,” says the Lord. “And I will heal them.” (Isaiah57:19)

Date Prayer Subjects
05/09 Divisional Headquarters
Divisional Commander: Major Chan Kwok Wai
1. For the Divisional Commander, Major KW Chan to have divine wisdom and love, caring the officers and lead the development of the Divisional Headquarters and Corps. Pray that the Lord will also lead our Corps Officers to serve and bear witness for the Lord despite the economic downturn and the still unstable epidemic situation!
2. Pray for all kinds of God’s ministries, asking for more workers to be raised up to lead people to the Lord. Glory to the name of the Lord!
06/09 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Maria Cecilia Codoy
1. Continue to pray for the Online Pastoral Care ministries of the Corps through online counseling session, Bible Study, Daily (Dawn) Devotional Reflection and Friendship Evangelism.  May these ministries continue to meet and encourage the needs of ESC Community.
2. Continue to pray for the Generous life ministry and work of ESC while looking for a new place of worship.  Let the provision of a new place become an opportunity to thrive and bring more souls at the feet of Jesus.
3. Pray for the Comrades revival and to remain steadfast in times of uncertainties. As some of them are still not permitted by their employer to go to church.
07/09 Nam Cheong Family Store
Senior Shop Manager : Fanny Chan
1. Dear Lord, thank you for reducing the epidemic, guiding us back to normal life, and thanking you for giving us the strength to get out of the dark valley.
2. May the Lord have mercy on the world.
South America East Territory
TC: Colonel Philip Davisson
CS: Lt.-Colonel Elder Dinardi
Officers 152 (A109/R43) Corps 45 Cadets 6
Sr Soldiers 1,462 Jr Soldiers 283
1. For the officers and their families, that they may be strengthened in their ministries and receive the power of God to continue the mission with passion and love.
2. For evangelism among adults (women’s ministries and men’s groups), youth and children, that each group may be reached by the gospel and know the love of God.
3. For the awakening of vocations in the young people of the territory and that they would accept God’s call to become Officers.
09/09 Wah Fu Centre For Senior Citizens
Unit in-charge:Mr. Martin Ho
1. The redevelopment of Wah Fu is getting closer and closer. Pray that God will protect the entire housing estate during the process of relocation and demolition, so that the elderly can enjoy their old age in a better environment.
2. Pray for the health of the members and colleagues of Wah Fu Center and be safe in body and mind during the epidemic.