Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief. (Psalm 143: 1)

Date Prayer Subjects
06/06 Human Resources Department
Human Resources Director : Ms Tammy Lo
1. Pray for the recovery of colleagues who have been infected by COVID-19. Pray that all colleagues have good health in their body, mind and soul to cope with their work and serve with excellence.
2. Pray that we have insight and wisdom to meet the human resources needs resulted from the everchanging social situation.
07/06 Kowloon City Corps
Corps Officer: Cadet-Lt Patrick Ho
1. Thank God for He keeps taking care of our Corps. Our Corps will hold the 32nd Anniversary Holiness Meeting on 12 June, during which 9 Soldiers will be recruited. May God continue to guide our Corps for the future development.
2. 3 families from our Corps will emigrate in June. May God keep them in their future life. Our Corps will thus lose some serving personnel. Pray that God will prepare suitable brothers and sisters who are willing to serve.
08/06 William Booth Secondary School
Principal:Mr. Edmond Hung
1. Bless all the students with good health, wisdom and faith throughout the whole school year. May God ease their anxiety about going back to school amidst the pandemic.
2. S1 student enrolment has been trending downward in past years. We pray to our God to remove anything that may hinder parents from choosing William Booth Secondary School for their children. Guide their thinking and their decisions. Bless our efforts to meet the enrolment challenges so that we can fulfill EDB’s requirement.
India Eastern Territory
TC: Colonel Lahlmingliana Hmar
CS: Lt-Col Prakash Chandra Pradhan
Officers 376 (A277/ R99) Aux-Capts 13 Corps 246 Cadets 27
Sr Soldiers 42,556 Jr Soldiers 12,533 Adherents 47
1. General’s Visit, 2023: To be able to organize General’s visit programme in the year 2023.
2. Self-Denial Appeal: For the smooth operation and increasing amount collected for the Appeal.
3. Men’s Fellowship Congress: Number of Men’s Fellowship members can increase and building up of the members in spiritual life and ministries.
4. Territorial Council: The biggest council in the India Eastern Territory is making Territorial action and programme planning for the Territory to flourish and maintain good co-operation in carrying out our ministries.
5. Outreach Ministries: Pray for the workers and sponsors as well as winning more saved souls.
6. Spiritual Revival: For spiritual revival and humanitarian services in the Territory
7. Thanksgiving for God’s guidance and achievements in ministries.
We hope that the prayer support from Salvationists around the globe will be effectively working in the success for India Eastern Territory ministries, programmes and activities.
10/06 Hoi Lam Centre for Senior Citizens
Person in-charge: Ms Kerry Ho
1. May God empower all staff, service users and their caregivers. May everyone have wisdom and strength to overcome different changes and challenges and have peace and joy.
2. May God grant the staff strength and wisdom to respond to the needs from the community and the elderly, and adhere to the mission and passion of serving the elderly.