Yet give attention to your servant’s prayer and his plea for mercy, Lord my God. Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day.(1 Kings 8: 28)

Date Prayer Subjects
11/07 Property Department
Property Director: Mr. Jack Tsang
Petition :
1. Pray to Lord to give us strength to demonstrate our integrity and professionalism in a field that demands our very best.
2. Pray the staff have good health and wisdom to cope with our work.
12/07 Shatin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Tammy Cho
Petition :
1. Pray that brothers and sisters of Shatin Corps will work with one accord in putting God’s will into practice the vision and calling of ‘Love Connection, Spirit Progress, Preach Gospel’.
2. Pray for the evangelical ministry in our chaplaincy district. May God use Shatin Corps to bring blessings to all services users and colleagues of the entire chaplaincy district, so that they will know Jesus Christ and receive abundant life.
13/07 Yue Wan Family Store
Senior Shop Manager: Ms. Jenny Fan
Petition :
1. Pray that the pandemic will pass away soon. Our colleagues and family members who had been caught by the covid-disease could be recovered very soon.
2. Pray for the physical, mental and spiritual health of our staff that may our Lord give us peace and joy in our work.
India Northern Territory
TC: Commissioner Daniel Raju Dasari
CS : Lt.-Colonel Jashwant Mahida
Officers 512 (A412/R100) Corps 171 Outpost 898 Envoys 4 Cadets 25
Sr Soldiers 72,870 Jr Soldiers 4,922 Adherents 3,450
Petition :
1. Pray for new extension work and officers working over there.
2. Strengthen our children and youth ministry, women’s ministry, and Corps ministry.
3. Pray for our Institutions.
4. Pray for our candidates, Training College Staff, and new session begining from July 2022.
5. Pray for the spiritual life development of our people.
6. Pray for implementation of Territorial Strategic plan.
7. Pray for challenges of the territory.
15/07 Nam Shan Residence of Senior Citizens
Service Supervisor: Ms. Suk Han Wong
Petition :
1. There were residents of our Nam Shan Residence who passed away in the fifth wave of epidemic, some of whose family members were unable to say their farewell at the hospital. May our Heavenly Father have mercy on the mourning families.
2. After the fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak, our Residence seems to have shut down for over two months. Pray that our team will work with one accord and be prepared for the challenges in future.