Yours, LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. (Chronicles 29:11)

Date Prayer Subjects
05/07 Development Department
Development Director : Mr. Wilfred Leung Chi Hang
1. Please pray for the Development team for their preparation for the upcoming fundraising appeals and events, that the participants and supporters will get to know more about the services and ministries of The Salvation Army through the various partnership activities.
2. Pray for our corporate partners and supporters as they face the various challenges brought by the pandemic.
06/07 Kowloon East Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Billy Lam Yip Hang
1. Pray for the evangelical work of two kindergartens (CCF Yau Tong Kindergarten and Ping Tin Kindergarten).
2. May God prepare suitable candidates as we are hiring a corps evangelist.
3. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of fellow brothers and sisters in taking up the kindergarten ministries.
4. Pray for smooth transition for brothers and sisters following Corps Officers appointment change.
07/07 Nam Cheong Family Store
Senior Sales : Anita Chan Po Chun
1. Families of staff be safety, good health and mutual support under the epidemic.
2. All industries and companies can get through the difficulties together.
Indonesia Territory
TC: Colonel Yusak Tampai
CS: Lt.-Colonel Cedric Hills
Officers 849(A707/R142) Aux-Capts 27 Corps 286 Cadets 60
Sr Soldiers 41,630 Jr Soldiers 6,790
1. We give thanks to God for significant numerical growth during the last decade. To support this increase and facilitate continued expansion, 2 new Divisions will be inaugurated on 1st July 2021. Please pray that the divisions will be established well; for the new Divisional leadership teams, for the practical tasks of constructing new offices and quarters and for corps and institutions as they adapt to new geographical boundaries.
2. With the postponement of Officer moves in 2020 due to COVID, July 2021 sees a substantial transfer of almost 300 officers, including 30 new Lieutenants taking up their first appointments.  Pray for officers and their families, and for corps members and institutions during this time of transition.
3. We praise God for an increase in the number of young people offering for Officership and pray for the 45 candidates who will enter Training in August. The Training College is now unable to accommodate the large number of Cadets. Pray that a solution will be found to embrace the increased numbers and the blessings that God is giving us.
4. Please pray for seminars and rallies for Women in the Territory in July and September. We had done in one Division virtually last month, but we have a challenge for some large Divisions due to the unavailability of internet connection. Please pray that the COVID situation improves and that it might be possible to proceed with these significant WM’s ministries programmes
5. In support of the Territory’s recently published Vision 2125, we pray that corps might develop innovative and relevant Community ministries, seeking God’s direction as we strive to take ‘Mission beyond borders’. We thank God for donors who are helping us develop an extensive Community (Learning) Centres project and pray that this might extend the reach of corps into their communities.
6. With over 100 schools and 6 hospitals, the global pandemic has greatly impacted our Territory’s education and medical ministry. Pray that children’s education can be supported remotely, and that schools might be able to return to classroom teaching safely and soon. Pray for our hospitals as they respond to the COVID pandemic.
09/07 Yau Tsim Integrated Home Care Service Team
Team Leader: Ms. Wat Ka Wai
1. We earnestly pray for the Yau Tsim Integrated Home Care Service Team. As the pandemic situation keeps changing, pray that everyone in the Team will have peace and faith in their hearts. Pray for their good health so that they can continue to spread the love of Christ and provide appropriate services in supporting and taking care of those in need.
2. Pray that our service users will feel loved and receive suitable support despite the social distancing measures under the pandemic.