Date Prayer Subjects
11/01 Booth Lodge
Operations Manager: Ms. Kaman, Lo Ka Man
1. Hope all my team stay healthy and positive.
2. Business will maintain stable.
3. The pandemic will cease as soon as possible.
12/01 Tsuen Kwai Corps
Corps Officer: Major Belinda Tso
Associate Corps Officer: Major Simon Tso
1. Pray for Junior Soldiers and young people. Pray that they can remain proactive in learning during intermittent school closures. May God grant school heads and teachers strength to guide the students with care. Grant parents wisdom and patience in adapting to changes in their children’s studies. Pray that Junior Soldiers and young people maintain good physical and emotional health and continue to grow in spirit.
2. Pray for spiritual formation and equipment training of brothers and sisters of Tsuen Kwai Corps under the new normal. Also pray for the evangelical strategy and community care ministries of the Corps in the year 2021.
13/01 Hoi Fu Nursery School
Head: Ms. Tan Fung Chi
1. Under the pandemic, may God keep our parents, children, school head, teachers and staff in good physical and emotional health. Pray that parents will be patient in taking care of their children’s daily matters and remind them to maintain good hygiene and stay healthy. May the school head has wisdom to cope with the current issues. Pray that teachers have a peaceful heart and quick mind in designing suitable teaching activities that benefit the children. May God grant our staff good health and sufficient sleep to cope with the cleaning work of school and home. We are all eager to have school resumed and to meet with our children and their parents soon. Pray that the scientists develop effective vaccine and the pandemic will soon be under control. Also pray for those who have lost their jobs, Hong Kong’s economy, people’s livelihood and the future development of education. May we all know and adhere to God’s will from what we have gone through, and humble ourselves to trust in Him.
2. Following the 4th wave of COVID-19, we are worried that it will trigger another wave of territory-wide dropping out of nursery class (2-3 yrs) in local kindergartens. Pray that God will grant the government officials wisdom to learn about the problem and come up with suitable solutions and strategies to help parents and schools. Pray that everyone will resume to normal life soon.
France and Belgium Territory
TC: Colonel Daniel Naud
CS : Lt.-Colonel Grant Effer
Officers 169(A63/R106) Corps 36 Cadets 5
Sr Soldiers 1,161 Jr Soldiers 201
Personnel: We believe that God is still placing a call on people’s lives for full time ministry in The Salvation Army in our territory. Pray that we will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in knowing when and where to fish, acknowledging that the fishponds will have different formats especially in the COVID-19 season.
Whosoever: People are coming to France from many other countries looking for hope and freedom. Young adults who have lost their families, women who have nowhere to run and no family member to trust and parents desiring a safe environment for their families continue to seek assistance with a kind gesture of hope for their future.
Soldiers & Friends: Unique opportunities for sharing the gospel, worship, bible study, communication and outreach are taking on a more familiar rhythm. Pray that the visions for virtual, and small group ministry continue to be strengthened for the lost and lonely. Praise God for granting us with innovations such as the recent social media training for youth and corps leaders that have created new waves of excitement rippling through our territory.
Virtual, Virtual, Virtual: It’s the response to the Covid wave and we praise God for the creative minds of Officers, soldiers and employees. Fundraising flourished with The Christmas Chall’Ange, the Chall’Angel the Gaming Marathon. Pray for outreach opportunities that flow especially from the Gaming Marathon.
1. France and Belgium is a Territory with two countries, cultures and languages. Pray for financial stability, courage and growth in our corps ministries. Virtual ministry draws some and repels others. Pray with us as we desire to see strong spiritual life development and deeply rooted growth continue in our officers, soldiers, adherents and friends. Pray that through the study of the Word, and appropriate socially distanced connections, our current congregations will experience God’s grace and fervor to share their faith inviting friends and strangers into our ministries.
2. The Foundation Project 2021-2025 aims to strengthen programmes and promote Salvation Army values. Pray for the dynamic team that is working with an outside consultant to ensure we have a healthy go forward strategy that will ensure stabilisation as the Foundation celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021. Pray for the chaplains, officers and others, who regularly minister to our clients and residents in the 57 social centres throughout the territory.
3. The General and Commissioner Rosalie will be leading our 2021 Territorial Congress virtually as The Salvation Army in France celebrates 140 years and 132 years in Belgium. Pray for the virtual preparation meetings that they will stay fresh and current in the midst of a plethora of virtual conferences, celebrations and meetings in 2021. Pray that The General and Commissioner will experience renewed boldness and fervor as they continue to prepare for international events like ours and more on a regular basis.
15/01 Tuen Mun Family Store
Shop Supervisor: Ms. Clara Fong Wai Yin
Pray that God will keep the Shop Supervisor and other staff members in good physical and emotional health, at the same time being able to take care of persons with disabilities working in the Shop.