‘’When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.’’ (Mark 6:34)

Date Prayer Subjects
06/02 Officer Training College / College of Mission / Leadership Training Centre
Director of College of Mission/ Training Principal: Major Raymond Cho
1. Please pray for Cadet-Lieutenant Edmond Lee Ka Ho who has just started the academic studies and field training at Officer Training College and Kowloon City Corps respectively 1 Jan 2023;
2. Pray for evening bible courses for soldiers at College of Mission. There are two classes in this Spring semester. Pray that soldier could benefit spiritually.
07/02 Kowloon Central Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Joyce Lam
Assistant Corps Officer : Lt. Patrick Ho
1. To carry on and consolidate the outreaching youth music ministry of previous years ; building a deeper relationship with children and families that they could further understand the Gospel, willing to come and grow in the family of God.
2. Facing the social changes and the tide of emigration at Corps, I pray that the Lord will continue granting the Corps to serve with one heart and one mind, making use of every crisis as a turning point to serve the Lord faithfully.
3. May the soldiers be eager to practice God’s words, respond to the Lord’s call more deeply, and become God’s fighting soldiers.
08/02 Ming Tak Nursery School
School Head:Ms. Cheung Man Lai
1. Pray that the global pandemic will subside steadily, everyone could resume healthy and safe, and the society could become normal again.
2. Stepping into 2023, pray for the spiritual, physical, and mental health of our school children, parents, and all staff, so that everyone will have confidence and strength in the new year.
Sri Lanka Territory
TC: Colonel Nihal Hettiarachchi
CS: Lt-Colonel Imran Sabir Imran 
Officers 147(A97/ R50) Corps 44 Cadets 1
Sr Soldiers 4,412 Jr Soldiers 857 adherents 1,038
1. Extension Ministry – Under the strategy plan our territory is in the process of further extending the ministry to the administrative districts where there is no the Army at present.
2. Candidates – This year we are planning to have first year Cadets while the second-year session is going on. Some will be joining online as they are already stationed in a few of this extension ministry mission points.
3. Visit of the General – The General is visiting the territory in the month April 2023.
4, Pray for economic and political stability in the country Sri Lanka.
5. Pray for all Officers and soldiers.
10/02 Tai Po Integrated Services for Young People
Service Supervisor : Ms. Grace Wong
1. Thank you God for blessing our service users, staff and their families can be healthy, joy and safe every day.
2. Pray for our front-line workers to have faith, hope, love and passion in serving our community. We have good wisdom from our God in handling changing environments under the pandemic.
3. We have good wisdom from our God in handling changing environments under the pandemic.