‘’Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.’’ (Colossians 3:13)

Date Prayer Subjects
08/08 Booth Lodge
Operations Manager: Ms. Kaman Lo
1. Pray that Booth Lodge staff and guest will be healthy.
2. Pray that Booth Lodge can hire enough staff soon to enable the team to work more smoothly. Tsuen Kwai Corps
09/08 Tsuen Kwai Corps
Corps Officer: Major Belinda Tso
Associate Corps Officer: Major Simon Tso
1. Pray that the Corps’ ministries in the second half of the year can run smoothly, so that all the programmes may achieve their goals, including saving souls, building saints and caring the community. Help the organising committees to have both heavenly and earthly wisdom as they serve.
2. Continue to pray for the daily bible reading programme. Pray that more brothers and sisters will join us to read the Bible together and be rooted in the truths of God.
10/08 Whampoa Family Store
Senior Shop Manager: Ms. Lee Kwan Ying
1. The pandemic is making everyone to be worn out. Pray that the pandemic situation in Hong Kong and around the world will continue to ease off. Everyone may have good health and resume normal life without need to wear a mask.
2. Pray that all colleagues and their family have an enjoyable life.
Germany, Lithuania and Poland Territory
TC: Colonel Hervec Cachelin
CS: Hartmut Leisinger
Officers 118 (A60, R58) Envoy 2 Corps 37 Outposts 5
Sr Soldiers 724 Jr Soldiers 67 Adherents 413
For Lithuania
Pray that hunger for God arises in Lithuania!
For Poland
Pray God will lead and direct the newly formed Salvation Army Foundation as it works towards opening the first Salvation Army Charity shop in Poland.
For Germany
For a good arrival of the new Territorial Leaders, as they leave an International Zone with its culture and settle into this new, culturally different territory. Pray for a good coming together and mutual understanding beyond language barriers.
For our territory
Pray for each country and their national (spiritual) challenges – as the threat and fear of a greater European military conflict is spreading. Pray for willingness to listen to God’s voice and seek Him as a safe place (Ps 43).
12/08 Po Lam Residence for Senior Citizens
Superintendent: Mr. Francis Au
1. Pray for our elderly residents and their family. May the Lord continue to protect them. Guide them to support one another under various pandemic restrictions. Always have a grateful heart, joy and peace of mind.
2. Pray for all staff members. May the Lord continue to lead us as we face challenges in our daily work. Help us keep the elderly and their family in our minds and serve them with humility, being a witness of God’s saving grace.