The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)

Date Prayer Subjects
11/04 Tsuen Kwai Corps
Corps Officers: Major Peter Cho & Major Lai Ching Mok
Please pray that our Officers and Local Officers will adapt to the new structure as soon as possible and be united in prospering the holy ministry.
As life resumes normal, we pray the many fellowships and ministries of the Corps will be rekindled to shepherd and bring blessings to the congregation.
12/04 Wah Fu Nursery School
School Head:Ms. Mabel Lo
As the pandemic eases and the school gradually resumes normal, full-day face-to-face teaching has resumed for our children. May God bless the outdoor activities and tours we prepared for our children to run smoothly so children can learn from everyday life outside of school. May our teachers and children build memories together and enrich the learning experience.
We thank God that the Wah Fu Nursery School has begun its relocation process. We saw God’s work in our many meetings that He has prepared the most suitable place for us, and the Housing Department and the architects were proactive in learning about the school’s needs. May God bless the safety of the construction site and the workers so the construction will run smoothly and we can serve more children and families in the future, doing the work of God!
Bangladesh Territory
TC: Lt.-Colonel Zothanmawia Khiangte
CS: Major Hendrik van Hattem
Officers 98 (A93 / R5) Corps 32 Cadets 6
Sr Soldiers 1,368 Jr Soldiers 173 Adherents 522
Pray for all the ongoing activities of Bangladesh Territory.
Pray for the national elections that will be held later this year.
Pray for all the leaders of the Territory to conduct all activities according to God’s plan.
This year our Territory theme is “Bringing in the sheaves.” Psalm 126:6(B). Pray for fulfil this theme in the Territory.
14/04 Yaumatei Integrated Service for Young People
Service Supervisor: Ms. Lincole Chan
1. May the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit be with our team. May we be steadfast in working toward our Army’s mission and determined in our effort to grow together. May we follow the example of your son Jesus as we interact with our team, co-workers and service users every day.
2. Pray for the physical and spiritual strength of those young people suffering from pressures and challenges in life.