For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16 )

Date Prayer Subjects
04/04 Divisional Headquarters
Divisional Commander: Major Alice Tam
Assistant Divisional Commander : Major Chan Kwok Wai
1. Pray for the evangelical ministry development of DHQ. May God prepare suitable officers, brothers and sisters to serve together.
2. Pray for the evangelical ministry development of the Corps. May God use the Corps as the gospel field in their communities. Let more people hear the gospel and know the love of God.
06/04 Tsuen Wan Nursery School
Head: Ms. Evelyn Wong
1. Pray for the physical and mental health of our staff. Pray that they will take good care of themselves and their families, so that they can face the pressure and risk of being infected.
2. Pray for the physical and mental health of the parents and the children. Pray that they have good health and will not be infected. May the parents have wisdom and patience to take care of their children and assist their children to learn. May God also look after some of the families that are facing the stress of unemployment.
3. May God keep the School as it faces withdrawal from school due to emigration and pandemic situation.
Australia Territory
TC: Commissioner Robert Donaldson
CS: Colonel Winsome Merrett
Officers 1,605(A706/R899) Corps 295 Outposts 14
Sr Soldiers 12,330 Jr Soldiers 1,548 Adherents 3,957
1. Increased faith: That Australian Salvos will recognise our need for Jesus, that we will be dependent on Him for all we need so we might bless the world around us and see God’s hand at work. That we would pray for miracles, change, innovation and a sweep of the Holy Spirit and fully expect to have God happen where we are.
2. Increased love: That our people and our country would feel loved by God, each other and us. That those who are felt left on the fringes are included in every aspect of life, community and leadership. That the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities (our indigenous First Nations people) would influence our decision-making and directions for the future. That love would be expressed in our meeting places, and that all cultures and nationalities would find a place to belong and a language of love to speak within our movement so people might know the transformative grace of God at work in and through us.
08/04 Lai King Home (Rehab Services & Social Enterprise)
Service Supervisor: Ms. Queenie Wong,
1. Pray that our service users, families and the staff who are infected by Omicron will recover and be healthy soon.
2. Pray that the pandemic will go away soon. Everyone resumes normal life and live happily.