You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. (Psalm 32:7)

Date Prayer Subjects
01/09 Yau Ma Tei Family Store
Senior Store Manager:Ms. Lee Kwan Ying
1. Pray that God will put an end the epidemic and the world will return to normal operations soon.
2. Pray that everyone will have good mental and physical health, spiritual satisfaction and happiness.
Caribbean Territory
TC: Commissioner Devon Haughton
CS: Lt.-Colonel Morris Vincent
Officers 318(A238, R80) Aux-Capts 8 Corps 131 Cadets 24
Sr Soldiers 12,451 Jr Soldiers 3,765 adherents 2,241
1. Pray for our Territorial, Divisional and District leaders to continue sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and keep the fire burning in the Caribbean Territory.
2. Pray for the Territorial strategic plan to be effective.
3. Pray for the young people in the Territory, especially in English speaking countries, to respond to the call of full-time ministry.
4. Pray for the new session of Cadets, ‘Reflectors of Holiness’ to grow spiritually and develop their leadership capacity during their training. There are 9 Cadets in this session. Pray for the Cadets who need to enhance their English language competency.
5. Pray for the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic – each of the 16 countries vary in pandemic impact. Pray for:
– those who have lost loved ones and for recovery of those who remain ill.
– the accessibility of vaccines – especially in Haiti.
– Officers who are facing specific challenges in their ministry units due to the pandemic.
6. Pray for the strengthening of the family unit and the positive impact of ministry strategies to assist families who are struggling.
7. Pray for the country of Haiti during this time of chaos and the ministry of TSA in that Division.
03/09 Employment Support Services
Person in-charge: Ms. Cheri Lai
1. Pray for those who are unemployed or under-employed due to the pandemic, that they will find a way out of their adversity in securing a paid job soon and regain self-reliance.
2. As the Centre resumed in-person meetings in August, the workloads for our colleagues have greatly increased. Pray that we will continue trusting and working with one another as we brave the challenges ahead hand in hand, serving and helping the CSSA recipient families of Tuen Mun district to be self-reliant.