May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you rule the peoples with equity and guide the nations of the earth.(Psalm 67:4)

Date Prayer Subjects
04/10 Recycling Programme
Recycling Programme Director: Mr. Kenny Chan
1. Logistics Department: One colleague’s mother has just been discharged from hospital because of elderly disease and can’t walk as she could before. Hope she can have a speedy recovery.
2. Development & Marketing Department: Hope all RP colleagues can stick/work?? together and encourage more people to reduce waste, recycle and reuse to protect our environment.
05/10 Kam Tin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Alfred Wong
Associate Corps Officer: Major Agatha Wong
1. New Corps Officers were appointed to the Corps in July and October this year. May God help the Local Officers and comrades to adapt to the changes. May the Holy Spirit lead us in our weekly Holiness Meeting. Pray that the congregation will grow in worship and integrate in Christ’s fellowship.
2. Population in Kam Tin has been growing due to development in the district. May God move our comrades to broaden their views and become aware of God’s fields. May they be willing to be equipped and mobilised to serve the community.
06/10 Centaline Charity Fund Kindergarten
Head: Ms. Leung Kit Hing
1. May the Gospel reach more families through the Kindergarten.
Pray for good health for all students, parents and staff of the Kindergarten.
2. Give thanks for a smooth start of the school year. Pray that students can come to the school for class every school day.
Pray for student enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year.
USA Southern Territory  
TC: Commissioner Willis Howell
CS : Colonel Ralph Bukiewicz
Officers 1492(A868/R624) Corps 317 Cadets 42
Sr Soldiers 28,172 Jr Soldiers 6,232
1. Pray for our field officers. May they not grow weary in well doing, but stand in the strength of Christ. Our COVID reality is filled with loss and heartbreak among our people. May they keep their eyes on Jesus.
2. Pray for our launch in 2022 of RAISE, A Youth Emphasis (Proverbs 22:6), reclaiming our children and youth for the Kingdom through Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership Development.
3. Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit to awaken men and women to the call for full time ministry as an officer in The Salvation Army. Our retired officers have joined together to pray for 50 cadets for the 2022-2024 session.
4. Pray for listening hearts among our officers and soldiers when facing racial and other discrimination conversations
08/10 Lung Hang Children & Youth Centre
Asst. Service Supervisor: Ms. Kennis Ngai
1. The whole world has been fighting against the pandemic for almost 2 years. Although Hong Kong has reported ‘zero local infections’, the variants are still spreading. Pray for good health for all people and Salvation Army colleagues around the globe. May the epidemic go away soon, so that we can all resume normal life and find peace in our body, mind and soul.
2. Our colleagues have been taking care of families whose lives are being affected by the pandemic, including family finance and relationship issues. May God keep our colleagues. As they deal with the stress of their work in helping others, pray that they can help to lead those families out of their plight.
3. Many colleagues have been distressed due to illnesses in recent years, which may make them physically weak. Pray for speedy recovery for these colleagues under the care of professional medical personnel.