not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching. (Hebrew10:25)

Date Prayer Subjects
01/11 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major Samson Cheung
1. Pray for service and ministry of Major Samson Cheung, the Corps Officer at Melody Corps and in the ‘To.Gather’@Sam Shing Transitional Housing Project
2. Pray for the service of the Corps co-worker Ms. Yau and the Corps assistant in the Shared Space program, May the Lord give them strength so that more people could receive the gospel and salvation.
02/11 Rosita Yuen Kindergarten
School Head: Ms. Joanne Ng
1. The Open day (22/10) and interview day (5/11) of RYKG
2. The health of our Staffs
Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Territory
TC: Colonel Garth B. Niemand
CS : Lt.-Colonel Tilitah Goa
Officers 395(A331/R64) Enovys 11 Corps 65 Outpost 110 Cadets 32
Sr Soldiers 6,202 Jr Soldiers 1,194 Adherent 6,162
1. Give thanks to the Lord, that despite many challenges, the PNGSI Territory continues to plant new congregations, enrol new soldiers, and increase the active officer force year on year.
2. Pray for the children of our officers who are separated from their parents due to the lack of sufficient schooling in many parts of PNG.  We thank God for the international support that allows the territory to cover school fees for officers’ children.
3 Prayer for the Salvationist to grow mature in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and they will effectively reach out to those who are not saved.
04/11 Education and Development Centre
Service Supervisor: Mr. Tony Law
1. Low-income families and unemployed youth face many changes and challenges under the current circumstances. May God grant our low-income families and unemployed youth strength. May we all have wisdom and strength from above to overcome all the changes and challenges and find peace of mind and joy in our hearts.
2. May God bless all staff of the Education and Development Centre with good health. Pray that all our staff are in good spirits and work together in serving low-income families and unemployed youth with diverse needs.