“…..Peace, peace, to those far and near,” says the Lord. “And I will heal them.”

Date Prayer Subjects
01/11 Women’s Ministries Department
Command President of Women’s Ministries: Lt-Col. Wendy Lee
1. May God grant all our Women Officers and their Corps women – wisdom, strength, courage and direction to do His Ministries in any situation and environment.
2. May God empower us to bring more people to know Jesus as their personal Saviour through their influence.
02/11 West Kowloon Outpost
Corps Officer: Major Tony Ma KT
Assistant Corps Officer: Captain Linda Fung
Pray for the children’s ministries, parents’ ministries and school-based pre-evangelical ministries of West Kowloon Outpost. Pray that more brothers and sisters will see the vision for the Outpost’s development and be willing to serve in the Outpost.
03/11 Rosita Yuen Kindergarten
School Head: Ms. Joanne Ng
1. For the Dedication Ceremony of the RYKG.
2. For the health of our Staff members.
Russia Command 
OC: Lt-Colonel Alexander Kharkov
GS:Major Svetlana Sharova
Officers 825 (A596, R229) Aux-Capts 13 Envoy 10 Corps 231 Cadets 16
Sr Soldiers 47,120 Adherents 5,837 Jr Soldiers 7,597
1. At the end of October, we celebrate 30th Anniversary of The Salvation Army ministry in Russia. We thank God for His faithfulness and give Him all the glory for the changes in people’s lives through the ministry of salvationists in Russia.
2. We ask to pray for the spiritual renewal of the officers and soldiers.
3. Pray for the implementation of our Mission Strategy 2025, for the development of the ministry and for New Horizons (new openings in Russia).
4. Pray for new ways of effective ministry to children and youth.
5. Pray that people will take courage and answer God’s calling on their lives to become officers.
05/11 Promoting Family Resilience Project 
Project in-charge: Mr. Sherlock Ng Chau Ming
1. Pray that the team can recruit a suitable part-time project assistant.
2. Pray that the team can handle the challenges of daily operation of the Promoting the Family Resilience Project and serve the families in need and practise the mission of Lord.