Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ b ”(Matt 4:4)

Date Prayer Subjects
01/03 Sam Shing Nursery School
School Head:Ms. Lam Tien Wai
1. May God protect and bless our students, parents, and staff with good health.
2. The next semester has commenced. May God protect and lead our teams so the work would go well and newcomers can better adapt to our environment. As we have been suffering in lack of manpower for quite some time, please pray that we can find suitable staff to serve our children.
Sweden & Latvia Territory
TC: Colonel Bo Jeppsson
CS: Lt-Col Robert Tufstrom
Officers 296(A137, R159) Envoys 8 Cadets 12 Corps 85 Outposts11
Senior Soldiers 3,099 Junior Soldiers 166 Adherents 1,354
Petition: For Sweden:
1. Successful ways to reach out with the Gospel, especially among Children and Youth
2. The refugees from Ukraine and our work to meet their needs
3. Recruitment of new Leaders – Officers and Local Officers
For Latvia:
1. Our Children, Youth and Family work. We are needing a leader for this work so that it will continue to grow.
2. Our work towards self-support. To have inspired ideas and success.
03/03 Tai Wo Hau Small Group Homes
Service Supervisor: Ms. Tsang Yuen Kwan
1. May God prepare and provide suitable renovation contractors for us and protect and bless the progress of the construction.
2. May God bless our team with good physical and spiritual health and provide for us suitable colleagues.