That He lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding. (Ephesians 1:8 )

Date Prayer Subjects
01/03 West Kowloon Outpost
Corps Officer: Major Tony Ma KT 
Assistant Corps Officer: Captain Linda Fung 
1. Pray for parents and teachers as they are facing the pandemic. May God heal and keep the children and their families in which some members are confirmed of COVID infection.
2. Pray for sister Yvonne Lam, our new colleague. May God bless her and use her. May more people will know God through our services.
02/03 Pak Tin Nursery School
Head: Ms Tracy Leung  
1. Schools and families are facing many changes and challenges under the current circumstances. May God grant our parents, young children and staff of our School strength. May we all have wisdom and strength from above to overcome all the changes and challenges, and find peace of mind and joy in our hearts.
2. May God bless all students, parents and staff of our School with good health. Pray that all our staff are in good spirit and work together in serving families of our School with different needs.
Southern Africa Territory
TC: Commissioner Torben Eliasen 
CS : Lt.-Colonel Jabulani Khoza 
Officers 247(A153/R94) Envoys 4 Corps 93 Outposts123
Cadets 14 Sr Soldiers 18,671 Jr Soldiers 3,800 Adherents1,445 
1. Thank God for His protection during this Pandemic and Praise God for Leaders who have just arrived in the country.
2. Praise God for the Women’s Ministries in the Territory.
3. Preparations of moving College for Officers’ Training (CFOT) to the new grounds.
4. Financial needs of the Territory and His provision.
5. For the increasing of gender-based violence cases, pray that it must STOP.
04/03 Yue Wan Boys Hostel
Service Supervisor: Ms Catherine Mak 
1. May Almighty God guide us through this pandemic situation, keep both the colleagues, the boys and their families safe with good health and peace at hearts.
2. May the Lord also grant our colleagues strength to meet the ever challenges in our daily operations, let us keep our mission and passion to serve the deprived youngsters.