Lord, the God of heaven, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with those who love him and keep his commandments. (Nehemiah 1: 5)

Date Prayer Subjects
01/06 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Maria Cecilia Codoy
1. Pray for the existing Pastoral Care ministries of the Corps through online Bible Study, Daily (Dawn) Devotional Reflection and Counselling Sessions. May these ministries meet the needs of ESC Community during this pandemic situation.
2. Pray for the Comrades to remain steadfast in times of uncertainties, especially when they have lost their loved ones or when members of the family got sick at this time of Covid-19.
02/06 Tin Ka Ping School
Headmaster: Mr. Eric Chan Chi Pun
1. May God keep our students and their family in good health, both physically and mentally, and stable financial status during the epidemic.
2. Give thanks to the Lord for the school’s full resumption of classes. We pray for good health, strength and wisdom for our staff to deal with the rapidly changing epidemic, so that the school can provide a suitable environment for students to learn and grow in the love of the Lord.
3. The school is applying for reprovisioning of school premises. May God provide us with better equipment and sufficient space, so that our students can have a more diversified and complete development. May God keep us and grant us widsom. Open our hearts and minds to do His will and receive His grace.
South America Eastern Territory
TC: Colonel Alex Nesterenko
CS : Lt-Col. Edgar Chagas
Officers 145(A101/R44) Envoys 6 Corps 51 Cadets 10
Sr Soldiers 1554 Jr Soldiers 470
1. Pray for residential programmes in Argentina that have been severely affected by the pandemic.
2. Pray for the expansion of the work in Uruguay, for us to find the opportunities God has for us, and for educational and developmental opportunities in the communities in which we work in.
3. Pray for the new work in Luque, Paraguay, that it may grow even in the midst of the pandemic, and for the expansion of the work into other cities in Paraguay.
4. Pray that the prayer life of the Salvationists may be strengthened and that the prayer meetings in the Corps may continue post-pandemic, and for there to be a strong sense of responsibility for the mission.
5. Pray that the converts, both adults and children, may take a step of commitment to God and The Salvation Army and enrol as Soldiers. 6.Pray for new candidates so that the work may continue and grow.
Pray that the children and youth ministries may be strengthened and updated, that the adolescents and young people who come to our programmes may know Christ as their Saviour and have a future of hope with better opportunities for study and personal fulfilment. Pray for the well-being and spiritual growth of children and adolescents of our churches who in some cases cannot attend and are in a state of vulnerability.
04/06 Tai Po Multi-service Centre for Senior Citizen
Service Supervisor: Mr. Adrian Sun Hoi Tung
1. Pray for our service users in the community. May the Lord grant them His grace and peace, keeping them safe and healthy from COVID-19.
2. Pray for our staff. May the Lord grant us the wisdom and strength to overcome the challenges and difficulties caused by the pandemic.
Pray for our new colleagues. May our work environment offer them the opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally, and also to have the attainment. May we have a close partnership with one another and enjoy the happiness and fulfillment here.