‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’  or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. (Rev21:4)

Date Prayer Subjects
02/01 Kowloon City Corps
Corps Officer : Major David Ip
1. Please pray for Kowloon City Corps’ ministry in 2024 so the Corps will grow in its evangelism, spiritual training, and children ministry.
Our Corps will launch a bible-reading campaign for our congregation. 2. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire the congregation to join proactively and grow spiritually.
3. Our Corps is constantly troubled by water leakage and AC system failure. May God grant us wisdom to fix these problems.
03/01 Lai Chi Kok Nursery School
Headmistress : Ms. Leung Po Chu
1. We pray that God will protect all the parents, children, and staff of Lai Chi Kok Nursery School so we will have healthy bodies and peaceful hearts to serve each other and serve families with different needs in the school.
2. When we encounter challenges in providing services and in recruiting students, may God take care of and strengthen our colleagues. May we have more faith and ability to overcome different difficulties.
Malawi Territory
TC: Colonel Samuel Baah
CS: Lt.-Colonel Onai Jera
Officers 132 (A120 / R12) Envoys 5 Cadets 17 Corps 100 Outposts 88
Sr Soldiers 11,605 Jr Soldiers 6,664 Adherents 29
1. Leadership: Please pray that God will guide our leaders as they continue to lead the territory into self-reliance and for soldiery support (10 corps have been earmarked to be self-reliant by 2024)
2. Salvationists: Please pray for the spiritual and physical health and well-being of all officers, staff, soldiers in the Territory.
3. Economic Situation in Malawi: Please pray for Malawi’s economic situation. The price of commodities has been rising sharply. Please pray for people’s resilience and God’s intervention.
05/01 Wah Fu Centre for Senior Citizens
Unit-in-charge: Mr. Martin Wong
1. Protection over the Wah Fu Estate Redevelopment: As the redevelopment of Wah Fu Estate is imminent, we ask for God’s protection over the residents of our area. May He alleviate their anxieties and fears during this time of change. We pray for peace in their hearts, and wisdom and guidance for those in charge of the redvelopment process.
2. Health and Strength for the Staff of Wah Fu Elderly Centre: Please pray for God’s protection over the health of the staff members at our Elderly Centre. May He bless them with strength and vitality so they can continue to serve the elderly in our community effectively. We ask for His healing touch upon them, so that they may remain healthy and be a source of comfort and assistance for those they serve.