The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. (Nahum1:7)

Date Prayer Subjects
Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar & Thailand Territory  
TC: Colonel Hary Haran
CS: Lt.-Colonel Nigel Cross
Officers171 (A133 / R38) Envoy 9 Cadets 6 Corps 57 Outposts12
Sr Soldier 2,835 Jr Soldiers 427 Adherents 337
Prayer requests:
1. Please pray for the approval of the application for The Salvation Army in Myanmar to carry out social work in the country.
2. Please pray for Cadets Tharadon (Don) and Sriwilai (Nid) from Thailand as they go through their training to be officers (who will be the first national couple officer) so they will be ready for commissioning during the General’s visit to Chiangmai, Thailand in April 2024.
02/02 Chai Wan Integrated Service for Young People
Service Supervisor: Ms. Catherine Mak
Prayer requests:
1. Please pray for the good health of our teammates and their families. We need to stay healthy and have peace at heart to serve the needy. Yet, many of us got sick in the past few months. We pray for God’s Mercy in protecting us from illness and distress, so we can stay healthy to serve the vulnerable ones.
2. Please pray for the mental wellness of our youngsters, as the high suicide rate of Hong Kong youngsters alerts our concerns for the mental status of our youth members and residents. May God send the Holy Spirit to guide their ways and give them strength to face the ever-challenging world.